Man doing OK after accidentally shooting himself

Cary Ashby • Feb 16, 2016 at 1:00 PM

NEW LONDON — A village man went to the hospital after he accidentally shot himself after he finished cleaning his gun Saturday.

Dispatchers with the Huron County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a Park Avenue man who reported he accidentally shot himself after cleaning his gun, police said. The call came in just before 2 p.m.

New London Police Officers Lance Capiot and Eric Lucas, Chief Michael Marko and Sheriff Dane Howard responded to the man’s house with medical kits.

“He answered the door,” Capiot said, referring to the victim.

Police had the man, who was in his late 40s, sit on the sofa and continue to put pressure on his leg. Capiot said the man shot himself “mid-calf,” between his knee and ankle. 

The subject suffered a gun shot to his leg from a 40-caliber handgun. He was conscious and able to respond to questions from officers and emergency medical personnel before being transported to Fisher-Titus Medical Center for treatment, according to a Facebook post by New London police. 

“He had a towel around his own leg,” said Capiot, who noticed there wasn’t a lot of blood on the towel, which probably was due to the pressure the man had on the wound.

“That stopped a lot of the blood. … He had handled a lot of it when we got there,” the officer added. 

“The gun was in the living room. The incident happened in the living room,” Capiot said. “Our first priority was to make sure he was OK.”

The officer broke down what happened that led to the accidental shooting.

“He was just finished cleaning the gun,” Capiot said. “He was not cleaning his gun (while it was) loaded.

“He put a round in the chamber. He racked the round in the chamber. … That’s when it went off and got him in the leg,” he added.

Firelands Ambulance took the man to Fisher-Titus.

“He was treated and released. He was home that night,” Capiot said.

The officer stopped by the man’s house Sunday to check on him.

“He was doing OK. He was sitting back in his chair watching TV with his family,” Capiot said.

As of press time, the gun was at the station for safekeeping.

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