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St. Paul, Norwalk Catholic jr. high students 'LEAD...For God’s Sake'

By Norwalk Reflector staff • Sep 4, 2018 at 4:06 PM

All the St. Paul High and Norwalk Catholic junior high school students, leadership, faculty and staff members have received a copy of the book “LEAD ... For God’s Sake!” by Todd Gongwer as a gift from a generous donor.

The book is a popular story about leadership, finding purpose in life and meaning to “why we do what we do?” “LEAD ... For God’s Sake!” is a challenge to the entire school community from leadership groups and administrators, to students and families to recognize the importance of relationships and the influence they have on one another.

“We have one special project going on now and it is kind of our theme right now,” NCS President Dennis Doughty said. “We want all of our students to be leaders. … The author, Todd Gongwer, will be here Oct. 23 to talk to everybody, including the parents in the evening.”

To kick off the academic year, all the high school and junior high students and entire school staff have embarked on a book study using this leadership story.

Students gathered in St. Paul Catholic Church on Tuesday to begin their book study and read the first two chapters together, with Principal Jim Tokarsky leading the session. Tokarsky asked the students at the end of the session to think about and reflect on a couple key points to carry into the next meeting.

From September through October, the students will meet as a large group for a reading of Gongwer’s book. They then will be divided into smaller groups that will meet, read and discuss it each week. The groups will be a mix of students from each grade level that also serves as their group for the annual Make a Difference Day.

A highlight will take place Oct. 23 when Gongwer will speak to the Norwalk Catholic School community. The author will give presentations to the students, faculty and staff during the day, but there will also be a presentation on the evening of Oct. 23 that will be open to the entire community.

There also will be several opportunities for the students, faculty, staff and coaches to interact with Gongwer and ask him questions about the book throughout the day. In addition, he will serve as the keynote speaker for the Teen Leadership Corps annual gathering of their students that will take place Oct. 24 in Norwalk.

Check the school website, www.ncsweb.org, and the “St. Paul High School-Norwalk Cathcolic School” Facebook page for updates and information.

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