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Guns are a people problem

• Jun 20, 2019 at 6:00 PM

NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted by Richard Missler of Norwalk.

Gun control is the soul of the second. Guns don’t kill people, profits do. The right guns and the wrong hands all people. Instead of NRA drop-dead gun rights, we need a gun right done right.

The NRA is not developing reasoned and seasoned citizens. They aim to give you a reason and open season. 

The NRA idiom is for idiots.

Guns are a people problem — even the NRA vehemently agrees. To get a “well regulated” people you must regulate the object. The second amendment is about order — ordinance and ordnance are compatible; this defines “Militia.”

“The security of a free state” rests on securing guns — “keeping and bearing” means that. The NRA is about anarchism — extreme individual liberty and voluntary association. The national revolvement to anarchy  — violence permeated cultural breakdown. A 360 starts and stops at the same point  — the second amendment has been flipped. The gun has our country on the run. So be put off by put in’s NRA put on.


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