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It's time Norwalk gets a new mayor

• Apr 26, 2019 at 5:00 PM

NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted by Pat Sprunk of Norwalk.

To the people of Norwalk

Please think when you vote on the election coming up. Mr. (Dave) Wallace says he will be a full-time mayor. Something that (Rob) Duncan didn’t do for for six years of his service. I have no idea what his salary is, so maybe he had to supplement with these other jobs?

As far as the car thing, hey, wait a minute. Are we paying for the gas for this car as he (Duncan) uses it for other things than for the city? Great; maybe I can have them pay for my gas.

The city seems to have a problem getting letters out to people about things or receiving letters. I waited for well over two months for an answer to a question. I called three times about it. So I finally had to go to the office and get my reply.

Then the mayor who came to my door and said I had to write a different kind of letter, which I did. I hand-delivered it to his office and waited some more weeks only to find out that he never got it or he ignored it.

As far as all the things he supposed to have done? Grants have other people working on getting them, so basically he hasn’t gotten them all by himself.

I believe Mr. Wallace is our answer to a new mayor. This will be his only job. Like I said I have no idea what a mayor makes.

We have a new police chief who is doing a great job, so maybe this is the time to get a new mayor.

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