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Candidate owes 'full gratitude' to voters, coverage

• Nov 15, 2018 at 2:00 PM

NOTE: The following letter to the editor was written by Homer S. Taft, a Libertarian candidate for the state Senate’s 13th District seat in the general election that took place earlier this month.

To all the voters who helped and supported me as the Libertarian candidate for state Senate, I owe my full gratitude. To those who listened and considered my platform, thank you.

By listening to each other and communicating our views and concerns, we can work to a better future. I will continue to speak up for more liberty and choice in Ohio as a proud member of the Libertarian Party. Congratulations to both the other people who sought this office, one of whom, Nathan Manning, has been chosen to represent us for the next four years and another, Sharon Sweda, who ran a spirited and honest campaign.

I also want to thank the Reflector for taking the time to thoroughly report my positions in Cary Ashby's reporting. My hope for the future is that all media refrain from declaring who has or doesn’t have an opportunity to win when the contests begin. It infects the ability of all candidates to put their views before citizens.

Robust competition and campaign information is an important part of creating a common understanding of problems and solutions, as opposed to the constant harangue of utterly dishonest ads paid for by big money and dark money on all sides. Citizens can’t be positive, fully informed and enthusiastic about voting unless the media and civic groups step up to assure full airing of all views throughout the election cycle, not only at the end. The Reflector has made an attempt to give everyone a hearing and it is appreciated.

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