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I have some swamp land to sell you

• Aug 31, 2018 at 10:26 PM

In response to the carbon tax article on (front page) I have a couple observations and comments.

The first comment is an easy one for all of us to believe and understand and that is "if anyone would believe our government would put a carbon tax on the energy producers and then in turn rebate the tax to the citizens, I have some swamp land to sell you."

Next, To think that the tax would be a mechanism to create jobs absolutely lacks logic.

To believe folks in our area would support a carbon tax is also a real stretch, especially by the margin stated in the article. It leaves me thinking, "how was the question asked.”

There are plenty of surveys showing the exact opposite results in public opinion.

Please share this thought for a moment. The minute a utility is taxed "xyz" it passes the cost on to its customers — "you and me.” Grocery stores use a tremendous amount of energy. Imagine how much your groceries could cost.

Proper ongoing research and innovation has been the driving force in the successes we have seen in a cleaner environment, not government taxation.

Finally, the facts are pretty tough to argue with. Just look at our European neighbors and the high utility costs. Germany's love affair with the windmill and the like have resulted in its citizens paying more than 50 cents per kilowatt and its business and industry paying more than 40 cents per kilowatt. We commonly pay 10 to 12 cents. To put that into perspective, the common household's $150 monthly electric bill for you and me would be about $675. I think I want to keep my air condition.

Charles Mack


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