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A special thank-you to a special man

• Updated Jul 20, 2018 at 10:21 AM

NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted by Dave Armbrust of Charlotte, N.C.:

My parents have been Norwalk residents for over three decades and while I have never personally lived here, Norwalk has felt like home to me on every visit — although I live more than 600 miles away.

Never has this feeling more strongly felt than over the past three months. My father gave up his driving privileges due to health issues and suddenly relied upon friends and neighbors for transportation assistance — and they certain helped and responded in ways that the most appreciative words could not express. From doctors appointments to trips to the bank, his friends were phenomenal. Truly.

Additionally, another person, someone neither my dad nor I had ever met, also jumped to his aid. And this occurred as I was trying to figure out how to get groceries to him.

While other locales provide grocery delivery service (for which they charge a fee), none was the store where dad shopped. But, when I called Miller's Market and spoke to the store manager, Dave Hisey, it was clear I had found a really wonderful person who was willing to help. You see, Miller's does not provide a formal grocery delivery service, but after I told Dave about my parents' long-term commitment and preference to Miller's, he immediately offered to personally accommodate dad and provide him groceries.

And he did exactly that. Personally, himself, and at no charge. Not once, not twice or, three times, but weekly. Without hesitation and without delay.

A person and a business like this is a rare item and I thank Dave Hisey (and Miller's Market) from the bottom of my heart and congratulate Norwalk for having such a fine and generous grocer in their midst.

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