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You should try to spread love yourself

• Updated Jun 7, 2018 at 11:58 PM

NOTE: This letter to the editor, submitted by Angela Organ of Norwalk is in response to a letter in the June 5th edition of the Reflector:

Dear Ms. Downing,

You are correct, God gave mankind dominion over this world. This world. God is not of this world and even though mankind has done a pretty lousy job a lot of the time, mankind still holds dominion over this world. God though has dominion over everything. Just as a hotel owner gives his manager dominion over the hotel, ultimately, the owner is still in charge.

I am often puzzled and annoyed by your hatred of those who believe in the Bible. God, yes, the God of the Bible, gives all of mankind a choice whether or not to follow him. I chose to follow him. You have your own choice. This is called free will. Why are you so bent on showing anger towards those who chose God. No one is forcing you. Sure, believers of Jesus as the son of God and their personal savior, like me, pray that you choose as we did but again, NO ONE is forcing you. So, why so much hatred?

As to your comment, that the "book god" is one who "spreads evil from nation to nation,” how do you figure that? The Bible does not condone evil actions. In fact, Jesus preached the exact opposite. Jesus wants us to love one another, that is why he died for our sins. Many people claim to do evil things in the name of "god" but guess what, that does not mean it is what God wants.

People spread evil, some of mankind spreads evil over their dominion, just as some of mankind chooses to spread love. Perhaps, you should try to spread love yourself. That is what God, the real God, the one in the Bible, tells us to do.

And really isn't that what you should do, regardless of what you believe in?

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