Corbin awards two

Joseph Gilroy • Jan 14, 2020 at 6:00 PM

Huron County Sheriff Todd Corbin handed out a pair of “Lifesaving Awards” at the Huron County Sheriff’s Office on Friday.

Corrections officer Vincent Huggins and deputy Josh Nickoli both prevented suicides on separate occasions.

”Thanks to great awareness of their surroundings and quick action on their part, two lives were saved,” Huron County Chief Deputy David Ditz said. “We could have had two catostrophic events and thanks to the actions of Vincent (Huggins) and Josh (Nickoli) we have a much better result.

“I can speak on behalf of Sheriff Corbin when I say thank-you to these men,” he added. “We appreciate them for everything they do everyday and we are glad to have them on our team.”

Nickoli has been a deputy with the Huron Coutny Sheriff’s Office since 2006, while Huggins has been a corrections officer with Huron County since 2018



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