Pair charged with soliciting without permits in Norwalk

Cary Ashby • Sep 17, 2019 at 8:00 PM

Two people charged with soliciting without permits in Norwalk have upcoming court dates.

Destiny Kirby, 23, of Blue Ash, and Travis Reese, 30, of Columbus, each have arraignments Sept. 23 in Norwalk Municipal Court. According to court records, Norwalk Police Officer Caleb Cotterill handled the Sept. 11 incident.

“These two people were soliciting without permits,” Detective Sgt. Seth Fry said. “They were issued summonses to appear in court.”

Fry said he doesn’t think the two suspects were attempting to solicit money from anyone, but possibly were hired by a utility provider and were trying to get residents to get lower rates on their bills.

“They weren’t trying to get money out of people,” Fry said. “I don’t know that anyone was scamming anyone. They could have been legitimate and my thought is they were.”

The solicitations were a recent topic of conversation in the Facebook group, “The Real Talk of Norwalk, OH.”

Victoria Collins, who is listed as the complainant in the police report, wrote that the pair were “going around saying they’re trying to get money back for you from Ohio Edison and Columbia Gas for overcharging.”

Brent Peterson shared his interaction with one suspect in a comment to Collins’ post.

“(I) told the guy I was satisfied and he said I was paying too much with (a) variable interest rate. Told him several times that we were satisfied before closing (the) door on him. Will threaten to call police next time they come back,” Peterson posted.

Rachel Allen, in an online comment, wrote that she “kicked them off my property for not having a city permit (and I) told them I would call police.” Another person, Terri Board, said the pair came to her house, but she didn’t provide them with any information and she had spoken to Columbia Gas.

Fry was asked what should people do to handle solicitors who show up at their doorstep.

“Always be cautious. If you have any questions, call the police department,” he said.

The Norwalk Police Department can be reached at 419-663-6780.

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