Police positively ID Walmart theft suspect who ran from police

Zoe Greszler • Updated Jun 27, 2019 at 10:08 AM

(UPDATED at 3:49 p.m. Wednesday, June 26, 2019)

Authorities have arrested the man accused of stealing from Norwalk’s Walmart and then fleeing police.

The Erie County Sheriff’s Office today arrested Eddie Willis, 52, of Sandusky. He is being held without bond in the Erie County Jail on charges of failure to comply by the sheriff’s office and robbery by Norwalk police. He also has a theft warrant through Lorain police.

Willis is scheduled to be arraigned Friday in Erie County Municipal Court.

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NORWALK — Authorities said they have positively identified the suspect who evaded police Sunday after he allegedly stole from Walmart, injured a person and then fled from law enforcement.

Norwalk Police Chief Mike Conney said the man who stole unidentified items from Norwalk’s Walmart in the early morning hours Sunday, before fleeing, has been positively identified. He said the suspect will “come into contact with law enforcement at some point” soon and will have to answer to the criminal justice system. 

“Or maybe he’ll just turn himself in,” Conney said. “That would be much better for him.”

After stealing the items from the supermarket, the man then attempted to run from the store. Conney said a Good Samaritan bystander then tried to stop him as he left, which led to a physical altercation outside.

“The Good Samaritan was injured,” he said, adding that the injuries were not serious. They resulted from doing the right thing, the chief said.

After fleeing the store, the man fled from police in a 2004 silver Chevy sedan. Initial reports indicated a high speed chase ensued. However, Conney said the pursuit did not reach high speeds — the suspect “just refused to stop.” He said the chase didn’t last long, only “as long as it takes to get from the store to Sandusky.” 

The vehicle continued into Perkins Township, where officers tried to place a spike strip, but the driver sped by before they could have set up, according to a Perkins police report.

Perkins officers joined in the pursuit until the suspect entered the jurisdiction of the city of Sandusky.

“They lost the vehicle in Sandusky,” Erie County Sherif Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said. 

Conney is confident he will soon be apprehended though.

“We know who it is,” he said. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: Michael Harrington of Tandem Media Network contributed to this story.

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