Police chief: 'Meth heads have taken over Norwalk'

Zoe Greszler • Updated Feb 17, 2018 at 12:13 AM

Norwalk’s war on drugs has been taken to a new level. 

Police Chief Dave Light said methamphetamines have reached the Maple City.

Light, who will retire as chief today, said it’s frustrating that while he appreciates being granted funding for another officer, the department took a budget cut for overtime pay and controlled drug buy funds.

“This is the worst drug problem we’ve seen since I’ve been here and we’re taking away the money needed to help it,” Light said.

Also he said he understands funds are needed to keep the roads and other city services maintained, but he cannot help being concerned. 

“Especially with the influx in methamphetamine,” Light said. “That’s also something that kept us safe last year; we managed to dodge meth.”

That is, until recently.

While cocaine, heroin and other opioids have been in Norwalk for some time, Light said those users “typically aren’t dangerous.”

“Meth heads have taken over Norwalk and methamphetamines are a nasty drug. It’s the meth users that can be dangerous and violent. Methamphetamines have been here three or four months now and we’ve taken more methamphetamine from streets the past three months than the past 10 years combined.”

A meth lab was found Thursday during a drug bust at 13 Cline St. 

The bust closed Cline from League to Fruen streets while the Norwalk special response team and other emergency personnel searched the area, making two arrests.

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