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Woman kills intruder in apparent self-defense

By Tremayne Hogue • Updated Jul 6, 2017 at 11:20 AM

A Dayton resident shot and killed a man who tried to enter her home Tuesday evening, according to Dayton Police.

The man was identified today as 53-year-old Darron Orr.

Here’s what we know so far—and what we’re gathering—about the shooting in Dayton:

Resident knew the deceased prior to the shooting

It’s currently unclear what the relationship between the resident and the man who tried to break into her home was, but according to 9-1-1 audio, she referred to the man as a friend while requesting immediate help.

“Get someone over here please,” she said to the dispatcher.

We’re working to find other possible connections between the two.

Multiple calls for help

Tuesday night, the unidentified resident made multiple calls for emergency assistance: first when Orr allegedly tried breaking into her home and then while requesting an ambulance after he’d been shot.

According to regional dispatch, there have been at least five calls to service at the residence since May, though it’s unclear at this point if all the calls are connected.

We’re working to find the connection between those 9-1-1 calls and Tuesday’s incident.

Who is Darron Orr?

We don’t know much about Orr at this point, but we are working to find out more about his past. Police say Orr was connected to other serious crimes in the area and may have been connected to a break-in attempt at the same address, just a day before.


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