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New telephone practice explained here

• Dec 7, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on Dec. 7, 1928:


New telephone practice is explained here

A joint session of the chief operators and officials of the Ohio Northern Telephone Co. and executives of the Ohio Bell Co. was held here today for a discussion of new methods of operating practice. Nearly 20 cities and towns were represented at the meeting.

At noon a dinner was served to about 25 at the Hotel Avalaon. 

The following chief operators of this district were in attendance: Clara Pastall, Bellevue; Velma Troup, Greenwich; Marion Kipp, Attica; Caroline McClure, Port Clinton; Alice Williams, Clyde; Mildred Weithman, New Washington; Ethel Murray, Norwalk; Odelia Schaffer, Norwalk; Bertha Schell, Galion; Florence Silverman, Oberlin; Blanche Whitaker, Clyde; Altha McCreedy, Berlin Heights; Teresa Milhaupt, Monroeville; Grace Peltier, Bellevue; Gladys H. Minds, Milan; Marie A. Lippert, North Fairfield; Ruth Shaw, New London; Pauline Rilme, Plymouth; Salsie Fries, Willard; and Minnie Mackin, Norwalk.


Dog quarantine clamped on

The mad dog situation in Clarksfield and the eastern part of the county has the possiblities of becoming serious, although the authorities have promptly taken every possible precautionary measure.

The county heath board at yesterday’s session put all dogs of Clarksfield tp. under strict quarantine for four weeks, that is, till Jan. 10. In that period, every dog must be kept securely tied on its owner’s premises, or if taken abroad, must be at the end of a leash securely held by the owner or an attendant. No dogs of any sort will be permitted to run at large; if thus found, they will be promptly shot.

The Lorain County health board has placed a strict dog quarantine on the entire village of Oberlin, of Lagrange, a portion of the city of Elyria and the entire townships of Henrietta, Russia, Camden, Carlisle and Pittsfield. Dispatches state that at least eight persons have been bitten by mad dogs in those Lorain townships in the past few days.

Fortunately no person was bitten in Huron County, though the mad dog did bite one pig and eight dogs.


Norwalk plays New London on December 14

Next Friday night, Dec. 14, Norwalk High School will play its first basketball game of the season here.

New London will be the opposition. The visitors have good material and are coached by Bradberry, a competent and successful instructor.

Coach Homer Ellis of Norwalk  is casting about for a center. Beach is making a good showing in that position as is also Garcia. Last season, Coach Ellis had good men but was handicapped by the fact that the material did not have the proper balance. It is figured that if the center position can be filled in a satisfactory way, much of the worriment will be over.

Norwalk has had good luck with its centers. Howard Jefferson, perhaps the most illustrious, was the premier center of the Little Big Seven when he was but 14 years of age and retained his lead all through his high school career. Then such stars as Tom Brown, Ray Miller and others.


Entertained Fortnightly Club

Mrs. Frank Dudley charmingly entertained the Fortnightly Bridge Club at a one o’clock luncheon of lovely appointments yesterday afternoon.

Following the luncheon bridge was indulged in, the prize for high score going to Mrs. Chancey Carpenter.

Mrs. James McKnight was a guest of the club.

The club will meet in two weeks with Mrs. Robert Gill at her home on Newton St.



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