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Finger printing of city school pupils planned

• Nov 16, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on Nov. 16, 1942:


Finger printing of city school pupils planned

The Executive Board of the American Women’s Volunteer Services met at the home of Mrs. Ruth Friend on Rosedale Boulevard on Saturday, Nov. 14. Twelve board members from the county were present and before the business meeting Mrs. Friend served the ladies with a delightful Russian luncheon.

Plans were discussed for carrying on the work of the organization and much progress is being made.

Plans for finger printing Norwalk children of school and pre-school age are progressing in a satisfactory manner. All materials are ready and women will be trained under the direction of Chief of Police Frank Kromer at a very early date to do the fingerprinting. In case of necessary evacuation or air raids there would be records by which children could be identified.

The collection of worn, clean, hosiery to be reclaimed for use in war production is still continuing and word has just been received that all types of stockings, silk, nylon and rayon, may now be accepted for shipment.

Fur is also wanted in any shape or form and all fur is usable no matter how small the pieces. There should be a great deal of scrap material of this kind which should be salvaged, workers declare.

The Cub Scouts under the direction of Paul Tucker will help in the collection of both hose and fur, and anyone wishing to have collection made at his home may call Mr. Tucker.


News from our boys in service

The following newly inducted personnel of the United States Army have been sent forward from the Reception Center at Camp Perry, Ohio: Robert Eckhardt, 29, W. Seminary St., Norwalk, to Camp Wolters, Texas; Ralph F. Smith, 55 1/2 Marshall St., Norwalk, to Fort Knox, Kentucky; Everett A Holmes, 39 Corwin St., Norwalk, has been sent from the Reception Center, Fort Hayes, Columbus, to 104th Division, Camp Adar, Oregon.

Private Norman Boose returned to Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind., after spending the week-end with his parents and friend.

The three sons of Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Spratt of 190 Whittlesey Ave., are in the following camps and would like to hear from their friends: Sgt Harold Spratt, Desert Maneurvers, Los Angeles, Calif.; Pvt. Robert Spratt, Camp Butner, N.C.;  Pvt. Chas. Spratt, Camp Butner, N.C.

Pvt. Linn Sheldon of Camp Atterbury, Ind., spent the week-end home visiting relatives.

John Robert Moehlman has completed his Boots training at Great Lakes, Ill., and enjoyed a nine-day leave at his home.

Robert McConkey, who is stationed at Fort Eustis, Virginia, spent the week-end at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Merle McConkey of State St.

Pvt. Kenneth G. Link has been moved from Fort McClellan, Alabama to Fort Hamilton, N.Y.


Mrs. Wm. Klebold called by death at age of 38

Mrs. Gladys Elizabeth Klebold, aged 38, passed away at 9:15 a.m. Monday at her home, 168 Whittlesey Ave. She was born Nov. 2, 1904, at Columbus.

Mrs. Klebold is survived by her husband, William H. Klebold; the three children, Carolyn Ann, Donald and Mary Lou; her father, W.R. Steele of Columbus; three sisters, Mrs. Corrine Weston and Mrs. Anna Powell of Columbus, and Mrs. Catherine Stone of Portsmouth. Mrs. Klebold was a member of St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Norwalk.

She was a highly active and much valued member of the League Street School P.T.A., of which she had been president for the last two years. She was also a popular member of the auxillaries of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion. Since coming to Norwalk seven years ago, Mrs. Klebold had won a surprisingly large circle of friends and she was much cherished for her helpfulness and her many other admirable qualities.

Funeral rites will be held at 1 p.m. Thursday form the home. Interment will be made at Cardington, beside the grave of the mother and the younger sister.


Legion post to have feather party

Ken Bur Bel Post of the AMerican Legion will have a feather party Saturday night, Nov. 21, at the Elks Club rooms. There will be a turkey dinner at 6:30 p.m. which is open to the public.

Clay Stackhouse is chartiman of the party committee. Other members of the committee are Ray Gandolf, James Frazier, Floyd Rice, Merle McConkey and Fred Moll.


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