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Check-up of elections is tough job

• Nov 9, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on Nov. 9, 1933:


Check-up of election is tough job

Huron County’s highly efficient board of elections is working on a tough job.

Work of tabulating returns of the election of last Tuesday continues and the final figures probably will not be put down until late this afternoon or possibly some time tomorrow.

The ticket was much more complicated than usual and it is a necessary for the board to make separate tallies on the 28 overlapping school district ballots.

Returns show that quite a number of voters  of the county scratched the national repeal ticket. In many cases, voters, evidently drys,  put a cross in the circle over the anti-repeal delegates and went over on the other side to put crosses before the names of Robert J. Buckley, junior U.S. Senator of Ohio, and the Rev. C.H. Gross of Norwalk, one of the repeal delegates.

Willard’s election proved the most sensational  feature of the local contests of the county. Mayor C.J. Ross, the incumbent, lost at the primaries and was not a candidate at the general election. But he was elected when 585 voters wrote in his name on the ballot sheet, which is something entirely without precedent in the county. In the mayoralty contest at Willard, Henninger got 549 and Shaffer 523.


Daughters of Isabella install new officers

An enthusiastic meeting of the Daughters of Isabella was held last evening in the K. of C. Hall.

The newly elected officers were installed by the presiding past regent, Mrs. E.J. Mayle. After the installation, Miss Madeline Smith and Miss Marie Malone sang songs accompanied by Mrs. Wm. Brady.

The new members obligated were the Misses Martha and Olivia Ringlein, Alice Schnurr, Abigail Dahm, Dorothy Mack, Agnes Didion, Mrs. Joseph Felter, Mrs. Munweller Mrs. Carl Grine and Mrs. Ruth Lais Maloney.

At the close of the ceremony, the retiring Regent, Mrs. Charlotte Willard, was presented with the past regent’s jewels and a lovely personal gift from the members by Mrs. Herman Fritz.


Margaret Kunze wins case in high court

The state supreme court today upheld, in effect, decisions by the courts of Huron County, favoring Margaret Kunze in her personal injury suit against Greyhound Lines Inc.

The case was tried twice in Huron County. The plaintiff at first asked $25,000 from the bus company. Her case was removed to federal court and dismissed. The second trial, in which she asked for $2,999.99 in damages, was successful.

Appeal papers said Margaret Kunze was injured April 21, 1930 while a passenger in one of the company’s buses. She fell over some luggage.


Installs coal stove to heat his motor car

Many Norwalk folk last evening thought their eyes were deceiving them when they saw black smoke pouring from a section of small stove pipe erected at the side of an automobile parked on Benedict Ave. near Water St.

Inquiry revealed that the smoke was coming from a small soft coal stove installed by Frank Allen, nominally of Toledo, to heat his Chevrolet sedan.

Allen showed a number of Norwalk people how the inside of his car is equipped with sleeping quarters, a small kitchen cabinet and other conveniences.



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