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Down from dizzy heights

• Nov 5, 2018 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in The Norwalk Daily Reflector on Nov. 5, 1903:


The steeple climber after four weeks of laborious work

Bernard Foster, the steeple climber, painter and decorator, who has been suspended high in midair for the past four weeks, at the extreme point of the cross on top of the steeple at St. Paul’s German church, and whose operations at that high altitude have attracted much attention to lookers-on, has at last completed his work, as far as the cross is concerned, after a laborious and hazardous undertaking for the past four weeks.

The steeple from base to apex is 182 feet. The gilt cross is 14 feet by 11 feet in height and width of upright and cross-arm, the size of the pieces being 9 1/2 inches in thickness, being octagon in shape.

During the past four weeks, Mr. Foster has been engaged in sizing and gilding the cross. The gilding of the cross required the use of forty-seven and a half books of gold leaf.


A patriotic citizen

The stillness of the air was broken last night by three consecutive cornet solos by Captain Edwards of the Salvation Army band, stationed in front of the new St. Charles.

On investigation, it was found that one patriotic bystander had contributed $1 to the collection plate and had requested the genial captain to play for his pleasure, a cornet solo, “My Country ‘Tis of Thee.” He became so enamored that he wasn’t content until it had been played three times.

The captain then thanked the donor and departed for the barracks.


Going to Cuba

Mrs. D.H. Fox and her daughter, Mrs. James H. Williams, will leave tomorrow, accompanied by Fred P. Fox, district passenger agent of the D.L. & W. railroad, to attend a meeting of the General Passenger Agents’ association at New Orleans. As a side trip they will go to Cuba and return home via steamer to New York City.


Greater business for Norwalk

By a new business arrangement, the Guide Publishing Company of Norwalk has absorbed two other railroad guide publishing concerns, as will be noted by the following circular just issued from this city by the Guide Publishing Company.

The C. & T. Blue Book of Indianapolis, the Central States Railroader Guide of Norwalk and the Interstate Guide of Cleveland, have become the property of the Guide Publishing Company, which will continue but one publication, the Central States Guide.

The Guide Publishing Company is officered as follows: President, J.R. Cavanaugh, Indianapolis; treasurer, J.F. Laning, Norwalk; secretary, J. Melville Lewis. The mechanical and editorial work will be done at the mammoth printing plant of the Laning Comapny.

The guide for November, under the new arrangement, is now out and is the most complete and reliable ever published.



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