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How the news was given out

• Nov 4, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in The Daily Reflector on Nov. 4, 1903:

How the news was given out

All Norwalk and the surrounding county received the election news Tuesday evening through The Reflector -—and it was received promptly and accurately.

The Reflector, departing form the time-worn custom of issuing a morning-after-election extra (a custom inaugurated by The Reflector several years ago), called to its aid the stereopticon and gave to the public, hot from the wires, the latest news form all the states upon which the interest of the people was centered, receiving the news from the greatest of newsgathering agencies, the Associated Press, over our own special leased wire.

It was something new for Norwalk, and how pleased the people were and how much they appreciated it, was evidenced by the large crowd which gathered on the scene to read the bulletins, knowing that the source from which they came gave them the stamp of reliability.

And not only was the news thus given, but Manager Howk of the local telephone company, placed a special telephone in our telegraph room, and by that method the news was spread, broadcast throughout the city to the local company’s patrons, to the committees at the Court House and to the surrounding towns.

Never before in the history of Norwalk was the news given out so promptly and so satisfactorily, and hours before the usual time (thanks to The Reflector’s unsurpassed facilities) the people knew the result of the day’s battle of the ballots and were able to go home at an early hour with full knowledge of the results.


Death of Miss Holman

The Reflector is very sorry to be obliged to chronicle the sad news of the death this morning of Miss George Holman, sister of Mrs. Ralph S. Leonard of this city, which occurred at St. Louis, where she was attending school.

Miss Holman, who was a bright, intelligent young lady, was ill for several weeks with typhoid fever. Yesterday she was reported better, but during the night there was a sudden change for the worse and death came unexpectedly.


The new library

The work of excavating for the basement of the new Carnegie library was begun this morning, November 4th.


Speed record broken

The Lake Shore Electric broke all previous speed records Tuesday night with its “newspaper special,” making the run from the Square in Cleveland to Norwalk in one hour and thirty minutes. This is something unprecedented in electric railway speed records in the United States.


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