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Death was not from suicide

• Oct 15, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector on Oct. 13, 1877:


A general look at the fair

The twenty-first Annual Fair of the Huron County Agricultural Society is now well under way and is emerging from the chaos, which up to last night, enveloped everything. There are yet many things to arrive and the entries are not nearly all made, as the Secretary’s books do not close until noon today, but things in general have assumed substantially the shape which they will maintain during the Fair. Up to last night the whole number of entries was 770,  which is an unusually large number.


Death not a suicide

The report being very generally circulated that Andy Lee, whose sudden death we have before noticed, committed suicide, we have taken pains to inquire into the matter, and are satisfied that he did not intend to take his own life.

He was in the habit of taking morphine to alleviate pains to which he was subject, and not being careful he probably took an overdose.

There are several reasons why we think so. That same day, in conversation with his brother, he expressed sorrow for having been drunk the day before and promised to do better when they moved uptown.

He expressed great pleasure at the idea of clerking in the uptown store, to which he was looking forward. That evening he went up town and bought him a linen collar at Reming & Gandolph’s, appearing just as he always did. Then to his family that day and evening he acted as usual and there is nothing that he did or said that then looked or now can be made to look like a suicidal intention. We make these statements in justice to the boy’s memory and his family.


Dies from fall

Gregg Timmins of this place, a brakeman on the Lake Shore R.R., was killed by falling between the cars near Elyria at about noon on Sunday. He was only 19 years old. He was buried here.


A false report

Some very officious and evil-disposed person has put in circuclation — and the story has traversed the county we presume — that Mr. Vansciver, a caindidate on our ticket for Clerk, will not perform the duties of the office himself if elected, but proposes to farm it out. Mr. Vansciver authorizes us to say that the story is false. If elected, as of course he will be, he is going to perform the duties of the office personally, all reports to the contrary notwithstanding. We will say further that we believe Mr. V. will make an obliging and popular clerk.



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