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Lieutenant Lendrum goes back to get a fresh start

• Jul 21, 2019 at 8:00 PM

 The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on July 21, 1919:


Lendrum goes back to get a fresh start

Lieutenant Alex Lendrum left this morning for Buffalo. He packed and shipped his wrecked airplane Saturday night and sent it back to the Curtiss factory. His partner, Mr. Humphries, is already at the Curtiss plant, and a new plane will be started on their trip to Denver in a very short time. It will be remembered the pair of aviators had bad luck with their engine just as they were making a landing at the foot of Grand Avenue a week ago. Lieut. Lendrum has been the guest of his aunt, Mrs. John Cox, of North Pleasant Street.


 Fishermen are said to be wading in Norwalk reservoir

Interest has been aroused by statements to the effect that fisherman are wading the upper reservoir. The general opinion seems to be that this practice is not the right thing inasmuch as the water used by the city is pumped directly from the reservoirs.


Boy Scouts will blow themselves to drum up crowd

If you happen to hear a bugle in front of your house tonight, don’t think war has been declared or that volunteers are being called out. Tonight, the Boy Scouts will try something novel in the way of advertising for the lawn fete which they will hold on the High School campus Saturday evening. 

Tonight, boys will assemble in the scout hall and receive instructions on the campaign. They will then make a tour of the city in large auto trucks and with the aid of bugles, announce their lawn fete. The scouts, about 100 in number, have already decorated the trucks for the occasion, and after the trip around the city tonight, will also make a campaigning trip to Milan and Monroeville Tuesday or Wednesday evening.


Athletic show for benefit of soliders’ fund

It is announced that Harry Stark, world’s champion bag puncher, and graduate physical director, will give an entertainment at the Gilger Theatre next Monday night, July 28, for the benefit of the Soldiers’ Fund.

Mr. Stark has come to Norwalk to condition himself before joining the World’s Film Coproration under a 3-year contract at $12,000 a year. He will star in heavy drama and is slated to take parts similar to those assigned to WIlliam S. Hart. Mr. Stark has offered to donate some of his articles on athletics. They will appear in this paper from time to time unitl the champion leaves Norwalk to take up his motion picture work.


June fly halos crown street lamps

June flies wafted to Norwalk from Lake Erie by northerly winds, were never as numerous here as this season, according to the older residents. Street lights on Saturday and Sunday nights were partly obscured by halos of whirling bugs and persons were not favorably impressed, to say the least, by the fishy odor of the bugs and the masses of the insects on the sidewalk.

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