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Blast from the Past

• Jul 20, 2019 at 8:00 PM

Here are the top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on July 20, 1919:


Citizens National Bank lets contract for five story building

The formal contract was signed Friday afternoon for the plans and construction of the handsome new home of the Citizens National Bank, to be erected at the court house corner where the L.S.E. ticket office and Central Drug store now stand.

Work is to be begun not later than April 1, 1920,  and in about ten months will be completed. The contract was awarded to Mills & Millpaugh, of Columbus, architects and builders.
The building will dominate that part of the business section of Norwalk. It is to be five stories high, plus a basement, fifty feet frontage on Main and a depth of 125 feet. It will be built of Bedford stone and hu-tex art brick, a rough surfaced brick of varying dark shades of red. At night the entire exterior of the building will be floodlighted by concealed electric lights.


 Jury finds Hersha guilty

A jury deliberated 45 minutes yesterday afternoon and found Otto Hersha guilty of the charge of non-support.
The prosecuting witness is Mrs. Bessie O. Greenwald. She peititioned the state to force Hersha to contribute toward the support of her illegitimate child.

Judge Roy H. Williams of Sandusky, before whom the case was tried, announces he will give his decision on Aug. 11.

The defendant is married. Mrs. Greenwald asserted that Hersha attacked her under a bridge at Fries Landing during a fishing party in 1917.


Sweet corn record goes to Hizzoner

Hats off, Mr. Farmer and Mr. Truck Gardener, to His Nibs, C.G. Taylor, Representative of Huron County in the General Assembly of Ohio, Receiver of Traction Lines, Stump Speaker, Liberty Loan worker, Good Fellow and Sweet Corn grower.

He comes to the front with the first home grown sweet corn on record in the county. He raised it on his spacious place on East Main St., where the sunshine puts tender mellowness and the dews, sweet lusciousness in each and every kernel.

Taylor had corn from his garden for dinner Thursday.


Jolly surprise at North Fairfield

Mr, and Mrs. Adin Woodworth of North Fairfield were surprised Thursday evening by about fifty of their relatives coming in unannounced to spend the evening. Social intercourse and the games helped pass the time until a late hour when ice cream, cake and wafers were served after which Mr. and Mrs. Woodworth were presented with a number of useful and valuable gifts including cut glass, silver, china and money.

Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Gifford and daughter Marian of FItchville; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bryan, Willard, and Isabel of New London; Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Park, Mr. and Mrs. B.H. Ernsberger, Mr. and Mrs. I.A. Kennedy and daughter Pearl, Mr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Park and Mrs. Louise Ellison of Norwalk; Mr. and Mrs. S.S. Chapin and daughters Florence and Louise, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jarrett and son James from Hartland; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bixby, Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Butler, Mrs. J.S. Stone, Mr. and Mrs. D.B. Summerline, Mrs. Carrie Hall, Raymond Cline, Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Knight and son Paul of Olena; Mr. and Mrs. Gates and son Bobbie and Mrs. Mattison of Cleveland.

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