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Blast from the Past

• Jul 16, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in The Norwalk Daily Reflector on July 16, 1892:


Bellevue's Skin Game

A fellow, said to be an employee of a Norwalk bank, dropped $250 Thursday at one of the skin games on the fair ground. No sympathy should be wasted on any person of ordinary intelligence who tries to beat one of the wheel and spindle missionaries at his own game. It takes a deal of silly conceit or dense ignorance to impel a man to tackle the wheel, but he always gets his money’s worth of enlightenment.



The second and last installments of the membership fee of the Renappi Boating Club are due July 7 and July 27, respectively. Members are requested to pay amount due to D.A. Baker Jr., Treas., as soon as possible.



Dewey Woodward, formerly with C.W. Anderson, can now be found with Morgan & Sherer, the grocers, at Ellis’ old stand.

* * *

F.B. Case, C.R. Butler and Dr. A. Terry left for Cleveland yesterday where they took passage for a trip up the lakes on a vessel in which Mr. Case has an interest.

* * *

Mrs. J. Nelson Lewis and daughter accompanied Miss Annette Cull yesterday for Saline, Mich., where they will spend some time visiting Mr. Lewis’ parents.

* * *

The fire department was called out this noon to quench a slight fire in a house on Pine Street owned by J.D. Cheney. The damage was slight.

* * *

Mrs. I. Levi and daughters Irma and Elsie, of Cleveland, are vising in the city as guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. Oppenheimer, No. 188 West Main Street.

* * *

Another oil lease was filed for record in the County Recorder’s office Friday. It is form E.D. Hanford to Quigle & Gilmore and is for 155 acres in the second section of Wakeman township. It was executed on the 17th of January, 1891, and runs for 25 years. The consideration is one-eighth of all oil and gas found.

* * *

Fred W. Kirtland met with quite a painful accident Wednesday noon. While at his barn he had occasion to step up on a chair, and on getting off his ring on the little finger of the left hand caught on a nail in a post, his weight causing the ring to cut the flesh about an inch and a half in length to the bone. The ring had to be filed from his finger — (Plymouth Advertiser).

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