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Vicious dog attacks child

• Jun 23, 2019 at 8:00 PM

June 23, 1907

The top stories in The Evening Herald on this date in 1907.


Small daughter of Alf States severely bitten by animal declared not rabid

Jospehine States, the four year old daughter of Alf States, driver of the fire department truck, was badly bitten and lacerated upon her right arm Sunday morning by a vicious shepherd dog. Mr. and Mrs. States and daughter, together with two friends, drove to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vet Heffner, who lives east of Clarksfield, to spend the day. Mr. Heffner owns a large shepherd dog, which, on account of its unfriendly disposition, was taken to its kennel and chained.

No particular attention was paid to little Josephine, who was playing about the grounds. The child, who is fearless of dogs, unnoticed, walked over to the dog’s kennel and attempted to pat it on the head when the animal sent its teeth into the flesh of the child’s right arm, drawing blood in several wounds, the largest of which was as large around as a lead pencil. 

Home remedies were applied and the child driven to this city at break-neck speed, where Dr. R.L. Morse gave proper medical attention.


Will give four their certificates

The eighth annual commencement of the Norwalk township schools under the provisions of the Patterson law will be held in the chapel at East Norwalk Tuesday evening, June 25, at which certificates will be given the following students: Edna Blakely, Agness Bassett, Hazel Suhr and Harold Sheldon.


Give reception to bridal couple

Mr. and Mrs. Charles McGraw, the latter formerly Miss Nell Caffrey of this city, who were married at Glassport, Pa., Thursday, arrived in the city Saturday evening for a brief visit, and were given a reception by a number of their friends, which was wholly unexpected.

The young married people thought the knowledge of their coming was confined to the friends they expected to visit, but when the 9:06 train arrived Saturday evening a large crowd of young people were there to greet them. Mr. and Mrs. McGraw were escorted to the home of the Misses Gertrude and Agatha Hogan on State Street, where the evening was pleasantly spent and where they were made the butt of many jokes which befall the lot of brides and grooms only. Ice cream, cake and wafers were served.


Finds that death was accidental

The death of David Wirt, which occurred at his home in this city Saturday morning, June 15, from a pistol wound, has been officially declared to have been accidental. Suicide was the story that was circulated on the day of his death but after a careful examination of the wound and circumstances surrounding the case by the coroner Dr. Bland and Dr. R.L. Morse, who was called at the time of the accident, the theory of accidental shooting was thoroughly established. Coroner Band filed his verdict with the County Clerk Miller this morning.

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