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Last of famous Aurand divorce cases is heard(copy)

• Mar 22, 2019 at 8:00 PM

March 22, 1908 

The top stories in the Norwalk Daily Reflector on this date in 1908:


Bellevue couple have waged bitter fight in the courts

The last of the now famous Aurand divorce cases has been heard. Until last Saturday all of the cases for divorce, alimony and custody of the Aurand children, had been heard in Norwalk, but neither Dr. H.C. Aurand, nor his wife, Lucy B. Aurand, had been able to obtain a divorce decree. Once, after a trial in this city, which lasted until after 9 o’clock in the evening, Judge Alexander ordered their two children, small boys, taken from the parents and placed in the Children’s Home, but the circuit court set aside the order since, when Mrs. Aurand has had the children.

The first case was brought by Mrs. Aurand and was contested by the doctor. Sensational charges were made, and it was proved that Mrs. Aurand was the doctor’s common law wife. It was brought out at the first trial that the couple were married in 1893 and lived together until 1899, when Mrs. Aurand obtained a divorce in Richland County. Later on the couple made up their difficulties and moved to Bellevue where they went to living together without going through the formalities of a second wedding ceremony. There was more trouble, and Mrs. Aurand started the second suit for divorce. This was contested by Dr. Aurand, but neither was given a decree.


Were home to spend Sunday

Three sons of Dr. and Mrs. A. Sheldon, of West Main Street — Dr. Albert R. Sheldon of Chicago; Charles, of Pittsburgh; and Jay of Cleveland — happened in town to spend Sunday at the old home. They were joined during the day by their brother, H.E. Sheldon, of this city, and the family reunion would have been complete were it not for the absence in California of the only daughter of the house — Miss Anne Sheldon; but a long and interesting letter just received from her helped to make her presence seem a reality, and the long distance separating her temporarily from home was apparently bridged.


Scotch collie shot

A Scotch collie belonging to W.F. Cooper, of 116 West Main Street, was shot Saturday by Chief of Police Remington. The dog was bitten some time ago by a dog which was supposed to have the rabies and as it had been acting in a strange manner for a day or two, it was thought best to put it out of harm’s way, and hence it was shot.


Norwalk men interested in new Texas city

The dedication of the new city of Portsmouth, Texas, in which a number of Norwalk men are interested, will take place on Saturday, April 11, and the Burton D. Hurd Land Company has arranged to run special homeseekers’ excursion trains from Chicago on April 7, and from Kansas City on April 8, to carry prospective buyers of property in the new city. C.A. Paul and F.E. Miller, of this city, are members of the invitation committee, and F.H. Jones of Bay City, Texas, formerly of Norwalk, is a member of the committee on arrangements. 

Portsmouth is situated on the historic point of land formerly know as “Old Point Palacious,” extending into Matagorda Bay and protected from the Gulf of Mexico, six miles to the south, by Matagorda Peninsula. It was the first and is now the only natural deep water harbor and seaport in the Gulf Coast of Texas.



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