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Huron County Banking Co. to tender farewell function to A.V. Andrews

• Feb 10, 2019 at 8:00 PM

Feb. 10, 1914

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 105 years ago:


Huron County Banking Co. to tender farewell function to A.V. Andrews

The officials of the Huron County Banking Co. will give a dinner in appreciation of A.V. Andrews, Esq., director and attorney, in the private dining parlors at The Avalon, Tuesday evening, Feb. 10, at 7 o’clock. It will be an occasion worthy of the bank and the guests of honor.

The dinner will be participated in by the officers, directors and employees of the bank, with their ladies, numbering about thirty. After the meal, appreciative resolutions, prepared by the bank’s committee, will be called for by President Taber and Vice President Young will speak briefly for his associates, with reference in the plan of Mr. Andrews and his family to make their home in Los Angeles, California.



Remembered in her will

Following is a list of bequests left by the will of the late Mrs. Mary McKesson, wife of L.V. McKesson, of Toledo and who died in that city a few days ago. Mrs. McKesson was formerly a resident of Milan, the wife of J.C. Lockwood, for many years a well known banker of that place. She became the wife of L.V. McKesson, a former well-known resident of Collins, O., now of Toledo.

Among the bequests contained in her will recently filed in Toledo:

L.V. McKesson, use of home and $8,000; Mrs. Eliza Huntley, Wellington, $5,000; Mrs. Etta Cishion, daughter of Mrs. Huntley, $5,000; Mrs. Louise Adams, Norwalk, $1,000; Mrs. Rose Eglin, Wellington, $2,000; 

The estate of Mrs. McKesson is valued at $125,000.


Hit ‘em on the nose

Many Norwalk bowlers are planning to enter the “head pin” tourney which will be held at Patterson’s bowling academy on South Linwood Avenue  the week commencing Feb. 15. In addition, pin spillers from any part of the county will be eligible.

Secretary Henry W. Rheinhardt, of Norwalk Bowling Association, will have charge fo the schedule and the rolling of the event. This contest will be rolled on the newly constructed No. 3 alley.


Good bye Dollie, we don’t need you

SANDUSKY — That old tune, “Good Bye Dollie, I must Leave You,” etc. etc. was sung by many of the young men of the city Thursday for Miss Dollie Smith, the only girl barber of the city, left for Norwalk.

Dolly played to a three-days’ engagement at the C. Freeman barber shop on East Market Street this week. A young and pretty girl, Dolly attracted much additional trade to the shop...

....Dollie must have been stringing the boys in the Bay City about coming to Norwalk for an engagement. Several days ago, a female barber flew into town and sought to play a half-week  stand, but none of the shops would give her time.

“Norwalk men go to a barber shop to get shaved, not to tango,” is the way one boss barber put it yesterday afternoon when asked about the female barber.

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