City council receives training from police chief

LynAnne Vucovich • Nov 13, 2019 at 11:30 PM

“I don’t want to tell an officer’s family something bad happened,” Norwalk Police Chief Mike Conney said. 

“That’s my biggest fear.”

Conney held safety training for Norwalk city council members Tuesday, before their meeting at the Norwalk fire station. He reviewed how police officers should make a traffic stop and all of the safety precautions they take. 

The chief also told members of council if they see any officers doing things differently than what he said, to let him know so it can be corrected. An officer should be able to assess a great deal of information quickly and take the precautionary steps necessary.

“I don’t know of an officer (who) wants to shoot somebody,” Conney said. “As far as I know that person doesn’t exist.”

Officers should never search cars alone and keep in contact through radio. Conney also said that the mark of a good cop is one who keeps in good contact with dispatchers and can give details, of roads or vehicles. 

The police department keeps cruisers stocked with extra body armor, tourniquet kits for bleeding, a ballistic helmet, extra ammunition and equipment to breach doorways. 

Whenever an officer places someone in the back seat, they are always secured with a seat belt, Conney said. 

Conney doesn’t want officers sitting in the station unless they are investigating or speaking with witnesses. 

“I want them out in the community, on the public streets, snooping around, looking for things out of the ordinary,” he said. 

The Norwalk Police Department has conducted nearly 5,000 traffic stops so far this year and Conney said they have received no complaints. 

Council members in attendance were Stephen Euton, Samantha Wilhelm, Jordy Horowitz, Matt Doughty and Stephen Schumm. 

“Complacency is a horrible thing for cops,” Conney said. “We’re not here to be comfy. We’re here to do a service for the people.” 

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