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Tkach on overall county finances: 'Steady as she goes'

• Jun 23, 2018 at 12:00 PM

Huron County’s overall financial situation remains steady.

Auditor Roland Tkach released a new batch of numbers recently, including the latest sales tax report which reflected March sales.

The county’s portion of sales tax collected in March was $850,283, which was down from $957,372 the year before.

But, in reality, Tkach said that number is solid because Huron County has lost sales tax collected on Medicaid nursing-home payments.

“All things considered, when we look at our revenue estimate, we’re almost 3 percent ahead of budget,” he said. “Going forward, it looks like our local economy is on the upswing.”

Counting all revenue not just sales tax, the auditor added the county is 6 percent ahead of the estimate.

In March, Mom-and-Pop stores made up 33 percent of the sales tax total, while big-box stores accounted for 27 percent.

Vehicles sales were at 22 percent.

“It was a strong month for vehicle sales at 22 percent,” Tkach said.

Liquor sales were up 19 percent in March.

“Steady as she goes,” Tkach said about the county’s overall finances.

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