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Honorees connection goes deeper than golf

By DON HOHLER • Jul 11, 2017 at 2:30 PM

Billy Terry will wear two hats on Sunday afternoon, one as a member of the 2017 class of inductees that enter Eagle’s Creek’s Heritage Park and the second as the presenter for a fellow Elk member and long-time playing partner, Al Koontz.

It is a unique relationship Terry has had with Koontz over the years and it is not all about golf.

“Al was a trustee when I was the Exalted Ruler,” Terry explained over the weekend. “In an organization such as the Elks, its takes volunteers to make it work and Al spent countless hours helping keep things afloat. An electrician by trade, he took it upon himself to keep the complex as updated electrically as possible. Whatever was needed done, Al was more than happy to tackle.

“As far as golf, a long time ago I labeled him “The Iron Man”. His consistency at the game along with his being a fierce competitor is the reason he was so successful at the game.

“Al was my father’s regular playing partner for a number of years. He is family to us. I am flattered that my friend asking me to fill this special role on Sunday,” Terry added.

Both Terry and Steve Schneider will be presented by their sons, Terry by Scott and Schneider by Eric, both accomplished golfers in large part because of the instruction over the years by their fathers.

“From instructor too many-times a playing partner,” was the way Scott Terry talked about his years with his father on the golf course. “I look forward to every round we play together, especially on Father’s Day, a day I also use to pass this great game on to my son.

“I know what Eagle Creek means to Dad so it will be tough to hold back tears as I make his presentation. He is the hardest working man I have ever known. Yet, he finds time for the Elk’s organization, Eagle Creek and the hallowed ground he will have his named enshrined at on Sunday,” Terry added.

Eric Schneider compares the comments he will make in presenting his father on Sunday to those he made at his retirement party. “I am honored to be part of another memorable day in the life of a very special person,” he wrote.

“My father is a proven fine golfer but that does not compare to what he has been as a father,” his son stated. “I will list his golfing accomplishments on Sunday just like it was done at the Schneider Legacy Honor when the family was enshrined last year. The Schneider legacy continued when Dad was schooled by his father in this great game starting at age four. Another chapter will be written Sunday.”

The 12-hole shotgun-started tournament which will commence following the 2 p.m. induction ceremony, will be played in foursomes with the three lowest (net) scores counting toward the total of the winning team. It is open to the public. The entry fee is $55 and that includes a meal after play is completed.

There are at least three wrinkles on the course that day. No. 1 is “an angel” which is the name of a previous inductee, is posted on each hole. The posted score of that “angel” can be used if need be to help the team. Also, there is a second, bucket-sized hole cut into both par 5 greens that can be used to hole out a putt. And finally, The Creek’s golf ball cannon is available for use on the par 4, 7th hole. It is an tool that propels a ball the full length of the hole, making eagles and birdies a true possibility.

No. 6 is the hole-in-one hole with a car the prize to the first player that makes an ace.

And finally, on the far right wall of the Park, there is the spot for a permanent placards denoting the winning team.

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