It's National Taco Day!

Zoe Greszler • Oct 4, 2017 at 7:00 AM

Taco Wednesday anyone? 

Today, Oct. 4, is National Taco Day, and even though it’s not the traditional and catchy “Taco Tuesday,” we’re sure you’ll still enjoy these local deals and fun facts about the the foldable, rollable food.

Restaurants and fast-food joints across the country will celebrate National Taco Day with deals and specials.

In honor of this delicious fiesta, a survey was conducted of more than 1,000 consumers to get a read on their taco preferences and purchase habits.


While about 20 percent of people don’t typically buy tacos, there’s still 58 that up to $20 on tacos every month.Another 14 percent of people spend up to $40, while 3 percent spend more than $81 every month. That’s a lot of tacos!

It becomes easier to fathom though when you consider 10 percent of people eat tacos a few times a week, according to the survey. Most though, about 28 percent, reported only eating the Mexican dish about once per month.

The survey’s results showed while some may think fish tacos are making a real splash, only about 2 percent of people reported fish as their favorite type, beat by veggie (6 percent), breakfast (8 percent) and pork (16 percent).

No surprise, beef came out on top with about half of those surveyed reporting it as their favorite, followed by chicken tacos at 20 percent.

If you want to celebrate by eating tacos for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between, check out these local deals below:

Taco Bell – The $5 Taco Day Gift Set includes a Crunchy Taco, a Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Taco, a Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco and a Fiery Doritos Locos taco. Spicy Potato Soft Tacos are also on Taco Bell’s $1 Cravings menu.

Casa Fiesta and Casa Bravos, Norwalk locations — Text “Amigos” to 360-00 for a free dessert; Wednesday special: 99-cent tacos can be enjoyed with $1.99 lime margaritas. 

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