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There's more money than ever before

By SCOTT SEITZ • Mar 24, 2016 at 10:16 AM

Positive financial news appears to be flowing out of Huron County.

At Tuesday’s commissioners meeting, Auditor Roland Tkach summarized the county’s total financial picture.

The commissioners have at their disposal a $3.67 million general-fund carry-over and a total budget in the general fund of more than $17 million.

Tkach repeated Tuesday what’s he’s been saying for the past several months — the county has more money available than ever before.

Tkach added, on a cash basis, the county is in its best position in history.

“We are in the position we want to be in,” he said. “We are 5 percent above the estimate.”

Tkach said the county has also curtailed spending.

“All of our office holders and department heads are very fiscally responsible,” he said. 

Tkach said there is not an office, to his knowledge, that carelessly spends.

“No, we’re all reasonable individuals,” he said. 

Tkach not only monitors the status of the general fund, but also other special funds, including real estate assessment, which contains more than $1 million.

The county auditor has authorized a county “flyover” at a cost of $126,582, to be paid from real estate assessment.

The auditor will also pay $760,000 for a reappraisal this year from real estate assessment.

Tkach said there is about $2 million remaining in the county’s health insurance trust fund.

The county, which recently joined a health-care consortium with a number of other counties, will keep the trust active for at least 2016 to pay outstanding claims.

Tkach was asked what happens if money remains in the trust after all the claims are paid.

“That’s a legal question for the county prosecutor,” he said. 

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