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Huron County sales tax smashes more records

Scott Seitz • Sep 21, 2015 at 11:07 AM

   Huron County Auditor Roland Tkach just shook his head when discussing the newest sales tax numbers.

   The new figures reflect June sales.

   “These are great numbers,” Tkach said.

   Tkach said $903,962 was collected in sales tax in June.

   “That’s the first time ever, as long as I’ve been auditor, that sales tax has been above $900,000,” he said. “Typically, the highest pay-in for the year is in December, not June.

   ”I’d just like to thank all of our shoppers in Huron County and those coming in from outside the county for supporting our retailers,“ Tkach said.

   ”It also appears that our employment agencies are employing a number of people,“ he said. ”There is sales tax paid on that.“

   Tkach said the $903,000 figure means about $60 million was spent in Huron County in June. ”That’s $1,000 a person,“ Tkach said.

   Mom-and-Pop shops made up 34 percent of the overall sales tax total.

   Tkach said vehicles sales accounted for 17 percent. The auditor has said previously he likes to see vehicle sales make up 25 percent of the total.

   Big-box stores were at 23 percent.

   ”We had a slight decline in liquor sales when I compare those to May sales,“ Tkach said.

   ”With sales tax, we are already at 91 percent of the estimate, with three months to go in the year.

   “The revenue has exceeded the estimate and the spending is under budget,” Tkach said.

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