'Oh my God, it was better than anything!'

Zoe Greszler • Updated Aug 17, 2018 at 9:31 AM

“It was the best concert they’ve ever had here.”

Karla Tusing’s words were the sentiment several expressed after the Huron County Fair’s Monday night concert with LOCASH.  

Tusing, of Monroeville, said she and her family come to the fair’s concert every year to celebrate an annual girl’s night out.

“We do this every year — come out and see whoever’s going to play,” Tusing said. “This is our girls night out time. We love coming to the fair for concerts because you can get so close and it’s so laid back. It’s fun and we always enjoy it.”

Courtney Cleary, of Monroeville, agreed adding she’s been coming with the the group to the concerts since Hunter Hayes played at the fair in 2012. 

“For me this one topped them all,” Cleary said. “I think this was the best (performance) I’ve seen here. We’ve been coming a long time. I mean, I was born and raised here so I’ve been coming to the fair for forever. It definitely is part of the tradition of coming to the fair every year.”

Clearly said they choose the fair’s concert because “it’s always a good show, always a good view, always a good crowd.”

Also in their family group visiting from North Carolina was Leslie McQueen, who said she was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the fair’s concert. 

“Amazing,” she said. “It was very, very, very well done. I was really impressed.”

The performers — country music stars LoCash — had a big part in making the concert so impressive.  

Beth Knieriemen, who was also attending as part of the family, said she’s been following the duo comprised of Chris Lucas and Preston Brust, for 12 years, even traveling to 10 different states just for to see them perform.

“I love them and had to come see them when I heard they were here,” she said, adding she’s been to their concerts so much that the singers recognized her right away.

“They literally walked into where the fan meet and greet was and they just walked right over and gave me a hug and said hi,” Knieriemen said. “It’s been an awesome journey to see their level of growth, going from six people at a concert to hundreds of thousands of people coming out now.”

One group of friends from Bellevue — Madi Corapi, 14, Debra Todd, 14, and Taylor Baxter, 15 — got the night of their lives as LoCash invited them on stage for the last song of the performance, despite being seated in the box area. The girls were standing and dancing from their seats, screaming in delight most of the hour-and-a-half show, catching the singers’ attention. 

LoCash told them since they were trying to video the concert from so far away, they should come on stage to get a better view. The girls videoed the crowds and singers, danced on stage, sung along and took selfies with Lucas and Brust, and the rest of the band, before they were jokingly challenged to “make sure you tag everyone in the audience.”

After the concert ended the teens couldn’t hold their excitement in.

“Oh my God,” they all said again and again.

“It was better than anything,” Todd said. “It made the concert way better.”

“It was Crazy!” Baxter said. “It’s like the best time of your life.”

“It was amazing, going up there and seeing everyone — that was everything,” Corapi said. “Ecstatic. I’m ecstatic. That’s all I can say. It’s amazing.”

Each of the girls got a drum stick before leaving stage, which one of them said “means so much” because she’s a drummer herself.

“I’ll never forget this — never,” Corapi said. 

She said she and her friends chose to come to the fair for the LoCash concert becuase theay all “love the singers” and the fair experience.

“I think it adds a great effect to country music (to go to a concert at the fair),” Corapi said. “It’s the little towns that big country and the artists gear it to. It’s awesome. This is a great show.”

“Everybody shows up in their boots and it’s always really good,” Baxter added.

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