'We just really look forward to it every year'

Zoe Greszler • Jul 17, 2018 at 4:00 AM

It’s officially getting close to Huron County Fair season.

The fair board offices opened Monday morning, selling event tickets and camping sites. The offices will be open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday though the fair, which kicks off Aug. 13.

“It’s been going quite smoothly so far,” fair manager Pat Coy said Monday afternoon. 

“We’ve had people here signing up for camping and we’ve sold some concert tickets, so that’s all good. We still have plenty of good seats left and I’ve been told these guys — LoCash — their shows are very high energy and I’ve also been told people are shocked we have people of this caliber in Huron County.”

LoCash’s biggest radio hits include “Ring on Every Finger,” “I Love This Life” and “I Know Somebody.” The duo was nominated for the 2017 American Country Music Awards New Vocal Duo or Group of the Year, 2017 CMT’s Duo Video of the Year for “I Know Somebody” and the 2017 CMA’s Vocal Duo of the Year.

“This is the time to come and see them locally,” Coy said. “Our ticket prices are pretty reasonable for the type of show we have and it’s the Huron County Fair, so you know you don’t have to pay for parking (and) don’t have to worry about traffic. ... And we have fair food. What more could you ask for?”

Coy said seeing a country star perform at a local fair just adds to the atmosphere, making for a great concert.


Family fun

With less than a month left before the fair officially starts, others are getting excited for more than just the concert though.

The Barmans, a Monroeville family of four, stopped by the offices Monday to get a week’s worth of fair tickets as well as their camping passes. 

“Our kids are in 4-H; they’re in the Huron County Clovers,” Kaitlyn Barman said, of her 7- and 9-year old children. “They love the fair.”

“There’s not any one thing in particular, we just really look forward to it every year,” her husband Ben said. “We really enjoy it, spending time with the kids and family — just all of it.”

Ben Barman said they feel it’s a good family event that the children enjoy and benefit from.

“They learn a lot in the process with the fair. There’s a lot of life experiences that a lot of kids wouldn’t get if the fair wasn’t here, as far as the animals and so forth,” he said. “Not to mention they get to see all their friends as well. They really enjoy it.”


Anything you can deep fry, we’ve got it’

Then there’s the always anticipated fair food. Like last year, lunch-seekers can visit the fair to pick up the food they can only get once a year and can have their money refunded if they leave within the half hour. 

Favorites will be back, Coy said.

“Pretty much anything you can deep fry, we’ve got it,” she said. “Then this year Reed Town Tavern’s coming and she said they’ve gotten even better and they have more to offer. They’ve changed a few things.

“We have a big variety,” Coy added.

Also new this year will be Waffles Locos, a local vendor with “some specialty items and unique things.”

“I’m looking forward to that,” Coy said.

“Then we also have Team Ice Tea that wanted to be near the barns. They give the 4-H kids a discount and a refill that’s cheap compared to most of the drinks at the fair. They’ll have iced teas and that’ll be nice for the kids.” 

Coy said the board is still looking for a Vietnamese or Chinese food vendor to round out the options. 


Grounds updates

The grounds also were upgraded for this year’s fair, specifically the grandstand lighting, which Coy said had lights added and upgraded to LED bulbs. 

“It’ll be great for the shows and when you’re exiting you’ll be able to see really well,” she said. “We put in LED lights. Then on the infield, we updated the lighting out there as well.”

The fair also poured new concrete in the commercial building in a couple booths and put concrete through the center of the draft horse barn.

“That will all be handicapped accessible now,” Coy said. “It’ll look nice and clean and nice for everyone to be able to go through because the draft horses are kind of cool and people like to go see them.”

Coy said families can look forward to a memorable fair.

“Every year is exciting,” she said. “I found a picture when I was here before I went to school and I was standing in front of the horse barn, which at that time was where the goat barn is. We showed horses. I had my little cowgirl outfit on. Even then I loved the fair. ... There’s so much for everyone to enjoy here. We aren’t the Lorain County (Fair), but we also aren’t a metropolitan city-type fair. We are one of the better fairs around I think.”

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