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State to release school report cards

Caitlin Nearhood • Sep 12, 2019 at 11:00 AM

NORWALK — State officials will hand in their evaluations of Ohio schools this week.

The Ohio Department of Education will release this year’s state report cards today, which contain academic data from the 2018-19 school year for Ohio school districts.

Like last year, each Ohio school district will be given an overall letter grade on an A-F scale, which is calculated from results in six areas: achievement, progress, gap closing, improving at-risk readers in kindergarten to third grade, graduation rate and prepared for success.

In recent years, school superintendents across the state and the Sandusky area have voiced their frustration and concern with the state report cards, believing their district’s poor scores came from test and grading system changes. Some superintendents have criticized how the report cards don’t fully capture their school district’s efforts to impact students.

One outspoken school leader, Bellevue Schools superintendent Kim Schubert, expressed her unease last year. 

“(School districts) cannot continue to stand by and allow our schools to be judged by an accountability system that we all know is broken, not to mention tremendously expensive for our taxpayers,” she said.

“My hope is that we will all work together to move past this system and find real solutions to the challenges we face such as poverty, childhood trauma and graduation requirements to name just a few,” Schubert said. “We have many, many students in Ohio who will face not graduating this year without changes by our state legislators to continue with the alternative pathways to graduation. Students who are ready for the workforce with much to offer, but will be denied a diploma because of their inability to meet a score on a set of standardized tests.”

Report card data for Ohio public and community schools can be found at reportcard.education.ohio.gov. To better understand the report cards, go to education.ohio.gov.

Coming Monday: Did Norwalk City Schools make the grade?

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