Lead in school water

Zoe Greszler • Updated Aug 19, 2019 at 5:10 PM

MONROEVILLE — Just as school kicks off, Monroeville Superintendent Ralph Moore warned parents that some of the school’s water may have been contaminated with lead. 

The school has been working with Huron County Public Health, the village of Monroeville Water Department, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to receive “very helpful” guidance, Moore said.

“We are confident that water quality issue will be resolved quickly without further issue.”

Moore sent home the following letter and plan of action to all parents, students and staff:

“Each year for the past five years Monroeville Schools has voluntarily conducted scheduled testing of the schools water. This year the test was conducted on Friday, Aug. 9 with results sent to the district on Friday, Aug. 16. The test results showed the district ‘s water quality was good in all areas including water fountains with one exception. The exception was the water taps in the kitchen that received a positive or bad test result for lead.

“We have been advised the bad test in the kitchen is most likely the result of the water not being used during the summer months and that once the water lines are purged the issue will be resolved. We have purged the water lines over the weekend and will have the kitchen taps retested Tuesday morning (today) with test results by this Friday, Aug. 23.

“Once the new results are received I will do a ONE Call to notify parents of the result as well as post the test result on the district website. Until the water used in the kitchen is retested and cleared all cooking or dish washing will be done using bottled water or water from a different source in the building.

“Finally, I want to repeat that all sources of water as well as drinking fountains in the building are good. The only water quality issues exist in the kitchen taps due to nonuse of water during the summer months. The district will serve breakfast and lunch without interruption using bottled water and other sources of water in the building until we have a clean test result of the kitchen water taps.

“This notice will be posted on the district website for your immediate review. If you have additional questions please contact me at the Monroeville BOE office.

“The testing we conduct is not required but testing we have been doing for the past five years to insure the safety of students and staff. We have never had a bad test in the kitchen prior to the test on Aug. 9 of this year. The EPA as well as the Huron Co. Health Department have provided direction and support since the district notified them of the results last Friday.”

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