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Edison graduates ready to create their futures

By Michael Harrington • Jun 3, 2019 at 12:00 PM

MILAN — Edison High School’s class of 2019 plans to take charge of their futures.

“Our minds are trained on one thing: the future,” graduate Isabel Chasney said in her speech during Sunday’s graduation ceremony. “We can’t wait for the next step and all that it holds. But for today let’s revel in this moment.”

The school’s 51st graduation took place in the high school’s gym, where more than 100 students accepted their diplomas from superintendent Tom Roth and school board president William Muthig.

The class of 2019 was one of the smaller classes in recent years, but Chasney said they made up for it with their voices, a trait she encouraged her classmates to never lose.

“Speak up when there is wrongdoing,” Chasney said. “Be kind with your words, but always make an impact. Refuse to let your voice be washed away with all the white noise.”

Classmate Vernon Kluding used his speech to look back at his and his classmates time at Edison. He believes they’ve changed, but in many ways, they’ve remained the same and are at the start of their lives.

“We’re still those young and naive school children from 12 years ago; this is only the beginning of our story and our learning,” Kluding said.

They may be at the beginning of their stories, but Jessica Stoll cautioned if they weren’t careful the time would fly by as quickly as their years at Edison.

“Only you can control what you do with your time,” Stoll said. “Live in the moment because if you don’t the next thing you know, you’ll be looking back wondering where the years have gone.”

Lexi Weyer, the final graduate to speak, encouraged her classmates to never give up and to work hard to honor everyone who sacrificed their time to make them who they are today.

“Each person that sacrificed in some way so that we could be on this stage to receive our diplomas — each teacher that helped us learn, each parent that attended our events, each church member who uplifted us and community member who supported us — did so as an investment not just in our futures, but in the world,” Weyer said. “Instead of serving as an example to just Edison, we will be serving as an example to the world.”

She believes her class can be a part of the generation that through work ethic, cooperation and hope can solve the flurry of problems facing the world.

“Let us always remember the pride and determination we feel in this moment because at the end of the day, we are Edison High School’s class of 2019 and we will do great things,” Weyer said.

Edison High School Class of 2019

• Number of graduates: 113

— Going to college: 60 Percent

— Entering the workforce: 19 percent

— Enlisting in the military: 7 percent

— Not specified: 14 percent

• Scholarships accepted: $135,000

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