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St. Paul seniors urged to 'connect the dots'

By JOE CENTERS • May 28, 2019 at 12:00 PM

Connecting the dots.

St. Paul High School valedictorian Lauren Chandler said while life can be complicated, just follow the dots and stay the course.

Chandler said she used “help from our Lord and Savior: Google,” when preparing her speech.

“So you search on the internet for some speeches and while watching video after video of the same old speeches that are literally titles (by the way all caps) ‘best graduation speech ever’ or ‘funniest graduation speech all time,’ you get so bored that your senioritis kicks in and you procrastinate and put it off until the night before you have to turn it into Mr. T. And, luckily, getting into the habit of doing homework at the last minute finally paid off.

“So as I was searching, I came across one commencement speech from Steve Jobs. He is all about ‘connecting the dots.’ He said that every decision you’ve made big or small has impacted you and the people around even if you didn’t realize it, And that was his message. Connecting the dots. You won’t be able to see what impacts you have made or dots you connected until time has passed and you realize that making that tiny choice changed your entire life and has put you where you are today.”

Finally, Chandler told her classmates to always keep moving forward.

“My man, Kanye, you might know him, said it best: ‘reach for the stars if you fall you land on clouds.’”

Class salutatorian Ben Kowalski also stressed the importance of stepping up to the next level.

“We should always strive for our ideals, but with each milestone we reach, we will always be striving for something more,” he said. “There is a validity in our time now appreciate that. Without even realizing it, you are working, loving and becoming more mature and intelligent. With that in mind, use what you have learned from these moments to continue to strive to be your best self.”

The highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of the Bishop’s Crosses to Madelyn Hipp and Luke Stoll. 

Class motto for the 43-member class of 2019 was: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us” by Henry Stanley Haskins.

The class Bible verse was Esther 4:14: “Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created.”

Officers for the class were: president Davis Hedrick, vice president Anne Ware, secretary Rachel Beat and Jasmine Cervantes, treasurer.

The Rev. Andrew Wellman, chaplain of St. Paul, spoke about Christ and “the light of faith.”

“You were made for greatness,” he said. “You were made to be the light of Christ. Say yes to Jesus ... and all he has to offer you.”

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