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Going to college soon? Read this

By Caitlin Nearhood • May 26, 2019 at 8:00 AM

Adjusting to life away from home is difficult for many new college students.

But with the right resources, the transition can be made easier.

Students’ advisors, for instance, often play a key role.

“Academic advisors at BGSU Firelands meet with each first-year student to build a personalized academic plan designed to help them achieve their academic and professional goals,” said Rob Drapcho, the regional campus’ director of enrollment management. “Central to this discussion is an inventory of the student’s needs to be successful, including which types of transition support the university can provide.”

He continued: “… The relationship between a student and the student’s advisor is crucial in ensuring a successful transition into university life. Bowling Green State University’s advisors serve as both a counselor and a coach in helping students plan for success in and outside the classroom.”

BGSU Firelands has multiple courses to help students strengthen their time management and study skills to better adjust to college life. To maintain relevance and benefit students, college officials review content and instruction strategy.

“One of the most important ways we do this is through connecting learning outcomes to transferable skill sets that prepare students for the ever-changing nature of today’s employment landscape while partnering with our regional partners in forecasting the emerging needs to serve and grow the region’s economy,” Drapcho said.

Tips for incoming college students

Before setting foot onto their college campus, Drapcho recommends incoming college students communicate what they want with loved ones.

“Students should use this time for a ‘dinner table conversation’ with their family to set expectations and goals for their first year of study,” he said. “It’s essential for students to have a healthy, balanced calendar that allows them to invest dedicated time to their academic study. With so many students seeking to coordinate involvement in student or community organizations, or to also maintain a full- or part-time job while enrolled, those conversations today can help define a clear path for calibrating how students balance their time.”

If they’re able to, students should start classes in the summer before fall semester starts.

“BGSU Firelands offers a number of courses this summer that can advance students in completing their degree at the Firelands campus, the Bowling Green campus or are transferable elsewhere around the state,” Drapcho said.

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