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Endowment Fund for Norwalk City Schools awards $50,500 in scholarships

• May 26, 2019 at 10:00 AM

At the Norwalk High School Senior Recognition Night on May 16, the Endowment Fund for Norwalk City Schools awarded 34 scholarships totaling $50,500.

Recipients of the General Academic Scholarships are Madisyn Alt, Sela Berry, Gavin Blanton, Alyssa Faley, Nicholas Deyer Graffice, Sydney Hughes, Carmen Krichbaum, Scarlett Krichbaum, Callista Link, Addison Maurer, Brenna Mock, Jalyn Moore, Jared Perry, Macey Phillips, Olivia Schaffer, Kristina Toczek, Adrianna White, and Alysha Ziemba.

Memorial scholarships were received by the following students: Ian Scheid, the M.L. Battles III Memorial Scholarship; Maria Rodriguez, the Lloyd R. and Margaret L. Hannel Scholarship; Emily Berry, the Brent Sellers Scholarship; Nicole Branum, the NHS Class of 1959 Scholarship; Lindsay Rinner, the Jake Gelvin Memorial Scholarship; Petra Montana, the Carmel Jean and Carl J. Boehler College Scholarship; Austin Brown, the Dylan R. Flew Memorial Scholarship; Alexis Gendron, the Dylan R. Flew Memorial Scholarship; Jordan Gran, the Lions Club Scholarship; Taren Randleman, the Lions Club Scholarship; Paige Maurer, the Nick and Dave Kluding Indian Guides Scholarship; Alexis Gendron, the Nick and Dave Kluding Indian Guides Scholarship; Owen Moore, the Carol Mason Music Scholarship.

This is the 19th year that the Endowment Fund has awarded scholarships to graduating seniors. The Endowment Fund’s annual event “A Celebration of the Arts” raises significant funds for the general academic scholarships.

The Endowment Fund was formed in 2000 to provide a stable source of funding for the scholarships and also Norwalk City School District’s faculty grants for additional classroom projects.

Current officers of the eleven member Board of Trustees are Jeff Savage, President; John Hipp, Vice-President; Gretchen Gerken, Secretary; Marcia Barlow, Treasurer.

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