Edison in 2nd place after thrilling first match of championship round

Zoe Greszler • Feb 14, 2019 at 10:16 AM

AVERY — It was a thrilling start to the Firelands Challenge championship.

Perkins took the lead in the first of three rounds after a close match and never looked back. The Pirates ended with 46 points, followed by Edison’s 44 and Huron’s 27.

If Wednesday’s match was any indication, good fortune seems to be on Edison’s side, though — at least it was in the first of two “lightening rounds.” This bonus section of questions asks a series of questions in rapid succession. The three opposing teams have to be quick on the buzzer before the others and provide a correct answer in just a matter of seconds.

Edison buzzed in a mythology-related question: Which day of the week was named after the mythical god Odin?

“For the other (days of the week) I’d have known them immediately,” team co-captain Morgan Otto said after the match.

On a whim and a hope, Otto guessed at “Wednesday” and the shock on his face was visible and the rest of his team members shared in a laugh when the answer was announced to be correct.

“Wednesday is based off of the god Odin,” he explained. “That’s because in some circles its known as Woden so it’s Woden’s day as much as the other gods had Thor’s day and Tyr’s day. But I’d forgotten Odin being Wodin and Wednesday. So I was ready for pretty much any other day of the week except for Wednesday and it was just, ‘Well I know every other one except for that one, so it must be that one.’”

Perkins threatens to end the Chargers’ seven-year winning streak if the Pirates are able to keep the their firm footing. The team missed just two of the 11 regular categories — life sciences and American history. The real difference, though, was made by the team’s ability to pick up questions missed by Edison or Huron, Pirates’ captain A.C. Blue said. The high school junior said he felt his team did “really swell.”

“We knew our categories that we wanted to know,” he said, “We did a nice job of stealing questions that other teams missed. I really felt that was where we shined — not only getting our own questions, but getting the other team’s questions, which kind of helps.”

Blue said Perkins intends to continue with a new study strategy which it took a chance on halfway through the regular season.

“We’ve historically been a pretty good team,” he said. “We just kind of plan on doing what we’ve been doing. By the sixth match of the season we changed our study techniques and how we split up the categories among our playing team members. That worked for us in the sixth match and it helped us win the playoff match very solidly. It clearly helped us win today. We just plan on doing what we’ve been doing.”

Edison has no intentions of handing the winning title over so easily. Led by team adviser Shirley Wallrabenstein, the Chargers are looking to continue setting new records in achieving a seventh consecutive championship title. Team co-captain Isabel Chasney said the team got off to a bumpy start, but was able to regain its footing. Both she and Otto are three-year returning team members.

“There were definitely slip-ups near the beginning,” Otto added, “but we just held it together and tried to stem any flow that we were losing. ... The second half (of the match) is definitely the easier half in that you’ve already answered questions, gotten the ball rolling and gotten things going. The first half is always is about trying to get that going.”

Trailing by just two points, the Chargers could easily steal the lead back in the second match, set to take place at 9 a.m. today at Huron High School. And true to their winning spirit, that’s exactly what they intend to do.

Chasney said the team planned on doing “more research and studying” prior to today’s match.

In Wednesday’s match, the team bagged one of two toss up categories where any team has the opportunity to earn bonus points, based on who buzzes in with a correct answer first. Otto said that Edison hoped to grab both today.

After today’s second championship, barring any more weather delays, the third and final cumulative match is set to be held at 10 a.m. Feb. 21 at Edison High School.

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