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Norwalk wins match, advances to second place

By Norwalk Reflector staff • Dec 10, 2018 at 6:00 PM

SANDUSKY — Norwalk High School’s Firelands Challenge team used its highest score of the season to vault itself into second place in the standings after four rounds of matches.

Edison High School saw its lead in the competition narrow by two points to 22.

The overall standings saw another shake-up as the competition among the teams continues to be intense. Edison remains in first place. Norwalk moved from fourth position to second. Margaretta moved up one spot to fourth. Huron dropped from third to fifth and Monroeville dropped from second to third.

Perkins had its highest score of the season and is only two points behind the leaders. Willard also continues to remain in the hunt. Sandusky and St. Paul posted their high scores for the season in this round.

The teams faced new types of questions in the latest matches. In the American Literature category they had to identify short stories by the first line of the story. In the Vocabulary category teams had to correctly complete unfinished statements. The teams also had to answer questions in American history based upon photographs from the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s.

One question about trees stumped all of the teams. “The largest specimens known in the United States of Common Persimmon and Scotch Pine trees can be found in Scioto and Union Counties in what state?” (The answer appears at the end of this article.)

The Round IV matches and scores:

* Perkins 50, South Central 30, Lakota 26

* Monroeville 43, Danbury 32, St. Mary 25

* Edison 50, Huron 38, New London 13

* Norwalk 59, Willard 29, Western Reserve 14

* St. Paul 52, Sandusky 32, Bellevue 17

* Margaretta 48, Clyde 31, Port Clinton 20


The top five teams and their cumulative scores after Round IV:

1. Edison 218

2. Norwalk 196

3. Monroeville 187

4. Margaretta 180

5. Huron 177

Firelands Challenge matches will resume in January, with the opening matches to be on Jan. 7 with Lakota, Clyde and Monroeville in the first match. Port Clinton, St. Paul and New London will be in the second match.

The answer to the question about trees: Ohio.

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