Nat'l Honor Society welcomes new members

Cary Ashby • Nov 15, 2018 at 4:00 AM

The newest members of the Norwalk High School National Honor Society have excelled in scholarship, leadership and service to others.

In fact, Principal Brad Cooley said the nearly 40 students have positioned themselves so they have the time and energy so they will “positively shape the outcome of others — you, me and the rest of the community.”

“Our National Honor Society members, both current and new, have shown to us all that they can, in the words of our Veterans Day keynote speaker, ‘handle their business,’” he added.

Cooley encouraged all the students who attended the program Wednesday morning to “make mental notes” of the new inductees — to think how they carry themselves, support others and work in the classroom.   

“Think about how that person improves life at Norwalk High School. Think about how that person handles failure. Think about how that person is driven to success,” he said. “You see, there is a lot to learn from people, especially when we take the time to observe actions and to think about how certain people handle their business.”

The new National Honor Society members are: Elyse Balduff, Hayden Barnes, Kaleb Bauman, Lillien Beers, Mara Berry, Megan Berry, Carly Bilton, Xander Borgeson, Elyse Coe, Zach Crane, Janie Dominguez, Hannah Dumbeck, Abigail Gfell
, Julie Gibson, Ethan Hernandez, Quinn Jaworski, Zach Keefer, Lindsey Koenig, Cobey Kromer, Jonathan Lewis, Carissa Link, Brianna McGlaston
, Josh Neuberger, Sam Neuberger, Jad Oglesby, Kristen Olsen, Benjamin Penrose, Gabriel Phillips, Carson Shober, Haley Shop, Haleigh Skinner, Mitchell Sommers, Ryan Sowders, Skylarr Story, Dawson Strong, Crimson Stuckert, Jazymn Thompson and Regan Zieber.

President Anna Little shared the aims and objects of the National Honor Society, which was founded in 1921. Other members talked about necessary qualities: Sela Berry (service), Austin Brown (character), Callista Link (leadership) and Kristina Toczek (scholarship).

Social studies teacher Nancy Gfell has been the National Honor Society adviser for more than 10 years.

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