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Enjoy the month of May

By JIM TOKARKSKY • May 10, 2018 at 12:00 PM

I was at a retreat this past weekend and was frequently asked a question that resembled this, “How much school is left?” or “Are you excited to end another year?”

I usually respond that I don’t know the date of the last day of school. One day I come in and everyone is gone. I might be overstating my answer, but date-watching and countdowns wish away time that does not come back.

May has great games and sport. The weather is finally nice enough to enjoy a baseball or softball game in the area without having numb extremities. Is there anything more exciting than a really tight 4-by-400 relay at the end of a track meet? Or a slide into third base? Or watching the sand fly during long jump?

This month pushes students towards their next steps. The challenge of more distractions in this month mimic the distractions that occur in life. Can we double down and buckle in for the final weeks? Or will we succumb to temptation and cash in our chips? As a student, I remember those last lessons as a testament to fortitude and ending the year on the best foot. There are units to be crammed and finished. Large reviews and exams loom on the horizon. Habits started today in May carry on to tomorrow in August and September.

Trips happen in May. The eighth grade went to Washington. The sophomores had a day of retreat and the fifth-grade class went to camp. The elementary school will enjoy field day and the music department will compete in Music in the Parks at Cedar Point. Some class certainly will find some angle to make a trip for ice cream.

At school in May we have lots of celebrations. We will have the awards banquet for academics May 20 and for the spring sports on three separate nights. The seniors will have a special mass and awards on the 24th. Junior high awards will given on the morning of May 30. The big event is baccalaureate Mass and commencement on the 27th.

This month my oldest son will be halfway through with college and his brother is halfway through high school. My family is in the midst of a move and every day spent packing is another reminder of how old my sons are becoming. You can call me sentimental … but slow down and enjoy May. Today!

Local columnist Jim Tokarsky is the principal at Norwalk Catholic School junior high and St. Paul High schools.

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