Edison enters final match with 27-point lead

Zoe Greszler • Feb 13, 2018 at 9:00 AM

HURON — Edison widened the gap Monday in the second of three Firelands Challenge championship rounds, but St. Paul’s team is catching up. 

The Chargers had a good game, scoring 55 points, adding onto their 47 points from Round I, for a cumulative total of 102.

At the end of the first championship match, the Flyers sat in third place behind Huron High School’s team, but quickly recovered in this round, tallying 46 points for a cumulative score of 75. Despite missing three regular category questions, St. Paul gained ground in the game’s lightning round, where questions are asked in rapid succession and any team is able to buzz in for the point. 

The Flyers will need to best Edison by at least 28 points to claim the title Wednesday.

The host Tigers fell behind Monday, a combination of missing four of their regular category questions and missing a team choice question geography, which carries a two-point penalty. The match ended with Huron in last place with 35 points and 72 cumulatively.

The match started early, with Edison again snatching the lead early, being the only team to correctly answer their vocabulary question. Huron and St. Paul were stumped in choosing the definition of the words “obstreperous” and “trepidation” respectively. 

As the match continued, Huron would be the only school to earn points for its question on U.S. government — the only category in which Edison did not score.

The first of three match took place Thursday after three straight days of weather-related postponements.

Though weather didn’t cause any more delays, Edison team captain Shea Smith said the nerves were still running high.

“We were all very nervous for this match, maybe even more nervous than the first (round),” she said. “You can see by the score that I think we were all a little bit relieved to see that we did better than we expected to. The second round is just a really key round. It sets the one for the third round — if you need to study hard to get up from a deficit, or if you’re way ahead, you feel a little bit better going into the third round.”

Smith said she felt the synergy was her team’s shining quality during the match.

“I think our strongest point today was our team work, relying on each other a lot for double checking answers, to make sure we all understood everything and no one was just blurting anything out,” she said.

“We made sure we were all in agreement and if we thought the first one was wrong, we always had a backup for what we’d say instead.”

Flyers co-captains Joesph Wise and Mackenzie Smith said their strong eight-point gain from the lightening round, wasn’t one of the areas they practiced, but was “the luck of the game.”

“We were excited and we were pumped,” Wise said in explanation of their trigger happy buzz-ins. 

Looking at the third and final round of the championships, which will take place at 10 a.m. at Edison High School, St. Paul is optimistic.

“We were a lot better than last week,” Mackenzie Smith said. “I think we can do it.”

Edison has other plans.

“It’s just super exciting to think about getting the sixth championship in a row,” Shea Smith said. “That’s unheard of in the history of Firelands Challenge and I know our advisor (Shirley Wallrabenstein) is going to be extremely excited if we can get a sixth win. I definitely think at our home round, with the whole school there, everyone would be very excited to see us win.” 

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