Edison paving way for sixth consecutive title

Zoe Greszler • Feb 8, 2018 at 10:00 PM

AVERY — The tension in the air was almost palpable Thursday as Edison, Huron and St. Paul high schools finally faced off in a championship match that had been postponed three times due to poor weather.

The match originally was scheduled to have taken place Monday, but snow and slick roads postponed it to Tuesday, and then Wednesday and finally one more time to Thursday.  The match ended with Edison on top at 47 points, followed by Huron, 37 and St. Paul 29.

There are three rounds and scores from all three matches will be added together to determine the overall champion.

Edison is in position to set a new record for six consecutive winning years. Still, team advisor Shirley Wallrabenstein said the match wasn’t easy.

“It’s very tense,” she said. “We had three cancellations, so this was the fourth day it was scheduled to take place. I think everyone is glad it’s finally taking place. I’m very tense about it.”

As it turned out, the Chargers had little worry about. They correctly answered all but two of the regular category questions and picked up a toss-up question and four points in the lightening rounds when time is reducd and anyone is able to buzz in.

In a heartbreaking miss, the team lost its question on books after their answer left out the word “the” in the book’s title. 

Despite that, Edison kept a strong lead though throughout the match.

“They came through. We got beat on the buzzer a couple times. They did an outstanding job,” Wallrabenstein said.

“We were up against two outstanding teams. It’s going to be a close round and close match but my team worked really hard and I think it showed. The other teams are excellent teams. There’s two more rounds; anything can happen.

“It would be amazing to continue the wining streak.”

St Paul co-captains Joesph Wise and Mackenzie Smith said they felt the Flyers did “all right,” considering the final score. They agreed the great books category and the lightning rounds were their strongest suit, but said nerves got the best of them. They said the three extra days hindered more than it helped.

“I think we were ready for it if it had been these questions on Monday, but we lost it a little (today),” Smith said.

“I would say (it didn’t help) because we were like ‘Do I need to study? Should I study,’” Wise added.

Edison team captain Shea Smith agreed the delays were tough to deal with — but it wasn’t all bad.

“I think it definitely racked up our nerves a little more, but having the extra time to study always helps so it was a good thing and a bad thing,” she said.

“I think we performed really well. We’ve been studying really, really hard and we got most to our questions. There were a few things where we could improve on, but overall I think we did as well as we possibly could have.”

Both team plan on hitting the books hard before Monday’s second match.

“We have lots of studying,” Wise said. “Study everything. We have a lot of good competition so we have to work hard.”

The Firelands Challenge Championship Round II is rescheduled to take place at 9 a.m. Monday in Huron High School’s gymnasium. The third and final match will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Edison, barring any more weather delays.

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