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Standings shakeup after Round III matches in Firelands Challenge

• Dec 1, 2017 at 3:00 PM

Round III of Firelands Challenge proved to be critical for teams vying for playoff spots.

Huron continued its move toward the top by taking over second place. St. Paul dropped one position to third. Perkins joins the top five while Margaretta moved down into an eight position tie with Willard.

Edison used consistent scoring and 19 bonus points in its match with Willard and St. Mary to remain in the number one position. Huron also scored points throughout its match with Margaretta and Port Clinton. It capitalized on 13 bonus points to win the match.

Firelands Challenge Round III Match Results

• Danbury 37; Monroeville 35; Norwalk 29

• Edison 66; Willard 29; St. Mary 9

• Huron 61; Margaretta 25; Port Clinton 14

• New London 29; Lakota 24; Western Reserve 18

• Clyde 37; Sandusky 16; Bellevue 14

• Perkins 44; St. Paul 36; South Central 26

Firelands Challenge Standings – Top Five Schools

1st - Edison — 184

2nd - Huron — 159

3rd - St. Paul — 135

4th - Monroeville — 131

5th - Perkins — 112

“Followers of Firelands Challenge should know that Danbury and Norwalk high schools are also in the hunt for the top positions,” said William Muthig, the program coordinator. “Danbury has 104 points and Norwalk 101 points.”

The Firelands Challenge Program is sponsored by the North Point Educational Service Center.

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