What campuses are local high-school students attending?

Cary Ashby • Mar 19, 2016 at 8:00 AM

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first installment of a five-part series looking at options for high school students.

Edison Local Schools Superintendent Tom Roth said the biggest advantage for students attending other schools, especially EHOVE Career Center, is the campuses offer courses not available in their district.

Forty of Edison’s 118 juniors attend EHOVE. Ten attend BGSU Firelands College and one does coursework through Lorain County Community College.

Of the 120 Edison seniors, 31 attend EHOVE and 14 are at BGSU Firelands.

Norwalk High School has 200 juniors and 59 of those students attend EHOVE.

“Two of those EHOVE students also participate in CCP,” Principal Brad Cooley said, referring to the College Credit Plus program, in which students receive college credit for classes taken in high school.

“Four juniors participate in CCP full-time and 21 attend NHS and participate in CCP part-time,” he added.

Of the 209 seniors at NHS, 57 attend EHOVE.

“Six of those EHOVE students also participate in CCP. Six seniors participate in CCP full-time and 40 attend NHS and participate in CCP part-time,” Cooley said.

In Bellevue City Schools, CCP is in its first year of implementation.

“Bellevue students have been attending EHOVE since its inception in the late 1960s and taking PSEO (Post Secondary Education Options) since the inception of the program in 1989. College Credit Plus is the new law which replaced PSEO at the beginning of the 2015-16 school year,” Superintendent Kim Schubert said.

Bellevue Senior High School has 174 juniors.

“Twenty-one juniors attend EHOVE full-time, 18 juniors attend EHOVE part-time,” Schubert said.

There is one full-time Bellevue junior at BGSU and 11 are part-timers.

Bellevue has 160 seniors.

“Thirty-one seniors attend EHOVE full-time. Ten seniors attend EHOVE part-time,” said Schubert, who noted “many” students in the district take CCP coursework.

Also in Bellevue, two seniors are full-time at BGSU Firelands and five are part-time students at the Huron campus.

Fifteen of the 67 juniors at New London High School attend EHOVE. Of the 80 seniors, 25 go to the vocational school.

Two New London seniors take BGSU Firelands classes. Three seniors and one junior attend LCCC and one junior takes courses through Ashland University.

Nearly half of the 59 juniors at South Central High School attend EHOVE. Twenty-five students in the class attend the vocational school.

Twenty-seven seniors in the 63-member class take classes at EHOVE.

Three South Central seniors attend Pioneer Career & Technology Center in Shelby while another senior is a full-time BGSU student.

“We also have nine EHOVE students taking some classes there,” said South Central Local Schools Superintendent Martha Hasselbusch, referring to BGSU.

At Monroeville High School, 26 of the 59 juniors are at EHOVE.

“Five of the 26 take a class at MHS in the morning,” Monroeville Local Schools Superintendent Ralph Moore said.

“Sixteen juniors are College Credit Plus students at MHS. Out of the 16 students, four of them are part-time at MHS and BGSU Firelands,” he added.

Of the 52 Monroeville seniors, 19 attend EHOVE.

“Fifteen seniors are CCP students at MHS. Out of the 15 students, one (is) part-time at MHS and BGSU Firelands and eight of them are full-time at BGSU Firelands,” Moore said.

There are 55 juniors at Plymouth High School.

However, Plymouth-Shiloh Local Schools Superintendent Jim Metcalf said 28 juniors take classes at other campuses, but 23 of the district’s 64 seniors do. He didn’t provide any details during his email interview.

Western Reserve High School has 85 juniors and 102 seniors.

Twenty-four juniors attend EHOVE, two take LCCC classes and 10 are enrolled in BGSU Firelands.

Nearly a third of Western’s 102 seniors take BGSU classes (29) while 27 go to EHOVE and one is enrolled at LCCC.

Willard High School counselor Steve Vipperman broke down the numbers for his school.

“Of the 96 juniors that we have in our district, 32 attend Pioneer, three attend BGSU Firelands and four attend North Central State College,” he said.

“Of the 110 seniors we have in our district, 34 attend (Pioneer), two attend BGSU Firelands and four attend NCSC.”

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