Edison claims 4th straight title

Zoe Greszler • Mar 10, 2016 at 10:00 AM

After Wednesday’s victory, Edison High School is now the four-time reigning Firelands Challenge champion.

The Chargers won in a landslide victory over Huron and St. Paul on Wednesday.

The match ended with Edison at 57, Huron at 42, and St. Paul 19, ending the competition with a cumulative 152, 120, and 79, respectively.

Edison adviser Shirley Wallrabenstein stood beside her team before the round began, face of pride already radiating for her students.

The first quarter gave Huron and Edison a strong start as both picked up extra points missed by another team. Edison made it through those first four categories without missing a tally, being the only team to correctly answer their American Literature question.

The period ended with Huron nipping at Edison’s heels, just two behind their 18 and St. Paul with 4.

The second quarter’s first category, world history, stumped all three. However, St. Paul showed off their strong suit in mathematics after taking at most 15 seconds to provide an answer for X and Y intercepts, a category that tricked Huron.

Edison increased the gap, ending half time at 28 against St. Paul’s 11 and Huron’s 18.

The team challenge category cost St. Paul two points on a wrong translation of the word “went”  into German. Both Huron and Edison racked six points for correctly answering their respective questions in music theory and sports. 

The teams were quizzed on knowledge of lung biology in the physical science section, displaying Huron’s advantage as the Tigers not only correctly got their answer but stole two points from Edison after its miss. 

The third period saw Edison with a whopping 40, Huron hanging on at 34 and St. Paul at 19. 

St. Paul missed its fine arts category, while Edison, at a loss for a name took a wild stab with “a yellow house,” the correct answer much to the team’s shock. The audience were left laughing as the teammates reactions and expressions.

The match, championship and season ended after the final lightning round which cost Huron two points. 

The scoreboard was updated and the champions were crowned as the student body cheered.

The final game left Wallrabenstein near tears with pride.

“It’s awesome,” she said. “Those kids are great. I’ve been so blessed to work with them. I’m going to cry. I’m so proud of them. They’ve worked very hard. They worked and practiced in all of the categories.”

“I felt like it all went really well,” said Edison team member Ben Gastier. “I’m proud this is the fourth straight championship for ’Mrs. Walley.’”

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