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Huron nips Edison by a point in second match of Firelands Challenge Championship

By Norwalk Reflector staff • Updated Mar 7, 2016 at 3:40 PM

HURON — With their classmates cheering for them, the members of the Huron High School Firelands Challenge team came from behind to best Edison and St. Paul in the second round of the Firelands Challenge Championship today.

Edison led through the first three quarters of the match, but Huron took the lead in the final segment by correctly answering the Quotations Toss-up question.

“In the movie, ’The Wizard of Oz,’ Dorothy says: ’There is no place like home.’ In what state…” Huron buzzed in without hearing the rest of the question and responded with “Kansas” for four points.

The lead changed hands twice during the Lightning Round.

In the end Huron won by correctly answering the last question of the match.

Edison finished second in this match, but remains in the lead for the series based on its cumulative score.

The final scores for the first two Championship Matches and the total cumulative scores are as follows: Edison with 50 points in Match 1, 45 points in Match 2 and 95 cumulative; Huron with 32, 46 and 78; and St. Paul with 25, 35 and 60.

According to the rules, teams may appeal to have a response ruled as incorrect by the moderator overturned. Team members have to provide a written rationale for why their answer should have been accepted and the appeal has to be approved by a panel of judges. If an appeal is accepted, the team’s score is adjusted accordingly. One appeal was filed for this match and could impact the final scores.

The final Championship Match will be hosted by Edison High School at 1 p.m. Wednesday, March 9. The scores from that match will be added to the cumulative scores to determine the 2015-2016 Firelands Challenge Champion.

Edison has won the last three Firelands Challenge Championship titles.

During today’s match, the Industrial Nut Corporation and the Firelands Regional Medical Center were recognized for their support of the Firelands Challenge Program.

The Firelands Challenge Program is sponsored by the North Point Educational Service Center. The center is a regional educational services provider that supports and assists 27 school systems and more than 38,000 students in north central Ohio. Services include: special education programs, pupil auxiliary support, school improvement assistance, early childhood programs, gifted education programs, professional development activities, administrative consultation, curriculum development, and school data analysis. For more information go to http://npesc.org/.

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