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Edison Middle School teachers select students of month

By Norwalk Reflector staff • Apr 6, 2019 at 2:00 PM

BERLIN HEIGHTS — The Edison Middle School eighth-grade teaching team has announced the recent students of the month — Morgan Moon, Natalie Leimeister, Max Hoover and Troy Rutherford. 

Moon is the November student of the month.

“Morgan is the ideal person for the student of the month. She is a hard-working student with a drive to always do her best. This is evident in her successes in school as well as in her extra-curricular activities,” said Pam Scott, eighth-grade math teacher.

“Morgan is an exceptional student and a wonderful person as well. She always seems happy and helps to make the class a very positive environment. She is an asset to any peer group when doing group work. She includes everyone within the group and the other students gravitate to her for help and guidance with understanding of the concepts.

“Morgan is a very positive and responsible person. She enjoys learning and shares the joy with the class and especially her peer groups. Morgan has made a great impression on her teachers with her positive attitude and wonderful work ethic. Morgan rises to the challenge and excels in all of her activities, while being well respected by her teachers and her peers,” Scott added.

One example of Moon’s wonderful attitude happened at the beginning of the year.

“Morgan moved to Ohio from Idaho, where she had already had algebra 1. Not knowing the level of math, Edison had her take some placement tests. Even though she showed a lot of ability in algebra, it was decided for her to take honors algebra. Instead of looking at the negatives of the decision, Morgan embraced the decision as a way to improve the algebra skills that she already had,” Scott said.

“She enjoys learning and is a joy to have in the classroom. Morgan just exemplifies everything you think of as a student of the month and yet this is her first year in the Edison Local Schools. She makes everyone smile, including teachers, staff and her classmates. With this pleasant, hard-working attitude, Morgan is a wonderful asset to the class of 2023.”

Leimeister is the December student of the month.

“Natalie is very active in her school. She is on the school student council and also is a leader on the volleyball team, basketball team and the track team. Natalie exemplifies (being) a student leader. She works well in groups and helps her team stay on task, as well as helping students with understanding the concepts,” Scott said.

“She also is not afraid to ask for help if needed, both for herself and her group. Natalie is in an advanced math class, which has challenged her at times. Every time she is challenged, she rises to the occasion and uses the challenge as a path to pushing herself to a higher level of achievement. Natalie is kind and very caring toward everyone around her.

“When she walks into the room, her smile lights it up. She has a great positive attitude that spreads to people around her. Natalie is a very positive and responsible person. She continues to be positive with her learning and accepts that challenge. She has a wonderful work ethic that helps her to succeed in everything that she does. There is no doubt at any time that Natalie has put forth her best effort in whatever the task may be. With Natalie’s positive, respectful attitude, she is a wonderful asset to the class of 2023 and her community. We look forward to her continued leadership, both in school and in her extra-curricular activities,” Scott said.

Hoover for January student of the month

“Max is an exemplary student with the utmost integrity — the kind who does the right thing even when no one is watching. He is respectful and cooperative with staff and his peers as well as helpful and polite to everyone around him. He is a compassionate young man and was instrumental in organizing the eighth-grade toy drive that resulted in a donation of more than 600 items to Care & Share,” Scott said. “He is a well-rounded student, participating in several extra-curriculars.”

Hoover is on the EMS football, basketball and track-and-field teams and is a member of the eighth-grade Academic Challenge team.

“He works hard to maintain excellent grades and pushes himself to master difficult content. His work ethic and positive attitude are apparent in Max’s success,” Scott said.

Rutherford is the March student of the month.

“In a class of over 100 students, Troy stands out as a leader amongst his peers. Hard work, determination, good manners and a contagious enthusiasm define Troy in the classroom and also in athletics. Additionally, he maintains solid grades while balancing a heavy extra-curricular schedule that includes football, basketball and track,” Scott said.

“Troy also has a part-time weekend job which allows him to save for his education beyond high school. Simply put, Troy knows how to do the right thing, whether it is helping out a classmate, cheering on a teammate or just quietly serving as a role model for others. He leads by example and I am quite certain he will continue to do so throughout his school years and into adulthood. Our school and community should be very proud to call Troy one of our own.”

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